Get In Shape For YOU

get in shape When it comes to weight loss, there are literally hundreds of reasons why people are looking to shed the excess pounds from their bodies. It maybe for an upcoming wedding, for a boyfriend or girlfriend, to fit in a new suit or dress, maybe to look good on the beach in a swimsuit, or to be able to play a sport and have more energy. These are just some of the many reasons why people want to lose weight and get into better shape.

Most reasons make sense and if used for personal motivation can really work wonders especially to help you stick with the commitment. Regardless of your specific reason(s) for now tackling the weight loss process, the key point to remember that you should get in shape for YOU.

This advice is coming from a person who weighed nearly 300 pounds, who is now down to the 240s I can’t tell you how that mere drop in 50+ pounds has changed my outlook on life. My entire manner of living has changed and now I realize what I was doing before was unhealthy and leading me further and further into the land of obesity.

It’s Time To Get In Shape For You

I understand how vital it is to maintain proper nutrition and consistent exercise especially since they play important roles in our lives.

Even after shedding that 50+ pounds of fat, there are still challenges I face regularly. This is likely true for anyone who used to binge eat, or not consider the choices placed on the plate in front of them. Just this morning as I was driving to work, I was very tempted to pull into McDonald’s to get a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit breakfast meal with a large orange juice.

you're tiredAre you aware of the fact that seemingly simple meal weighs-in enormously at 890 calories without any ketchup! That’s almost one thousand calories for breakfast! Entirely way too much for one meal and why today I opted instead for the healthier option waiting for me at work which was a bowl of Cheerios with fat-free milk along with a fruit – about 300 calories.

Three years ago this decision was always the McDonald’s choice and would often include an extra sandwich bringing the grand total of my breakfast to 1,350. How could I expect to lose weight when I would eat meals of this size.

That is why when you are completely focused on getting in shape for YOU, these are the types of decisions you’ll have to make on a regular basis. At first this may seem like a struggle meal-to-meal as you work to improve decisions to become healthier and your willpower to be ironclad.

But also be realistic with this lifestyle change. You can’t give up after your first or second setback, especially if you want to truly want to lose weight and get fit. Be willing to roll with the punches but also be willing to stick with the process even when there are minor setbacks. It will take commitment and effort but remember, you are getting in shape for YOU so all this is worth it!

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