Focus On Your Most Unhealthy Habit First

unhealthy habitWhy can it be helpful to focus on your most unhealthy habit first? If you are one of many who are starting to tackle the weight-loss process, there will likely be a number of issues you will need to deal with in order to be successful. This is not meant to dishearten you or make this goal seem like an impossible task, it is just meant to prepare you for what’s ahead.

It’s best that you are aware of what you will have to face than be shocked and surprised later on down the road.

When you’re determined to lose weight and get in shape in a natural, healthy manner, there will be particular issues you must come to terms with. Most folks are unaware that nutrition is the number one topic that will be responsible for 70% of your weight loss results. In other words you can workout every day of the week, but if you continue to eat in an unhealthy manner, then you may not lose a single pound.

Start Out By Focusing On Your Most Unhealthy Habit First

Take a moment to reflect on how you are currently eating these days. Here are some questions to help guide you through this process. How many times do you eat out at a restaurant or fast food place each week? How often are you drinking soda? Are you eating late at night or snacking while you watch television? How often are you preparing your own meals at home? Are you taking travel lunches and snacks with you to work?

By truthfully answering these questions you should be able to identify problem areas that need to be addressed as soon as possible. However if you are just about to start the process, figuratively take the bull by its horns and tackle the biggest issue first. This will give you a grander sense of accomplishment once you grab a hold of the major problem area, and you will find yourself getting more rapid results since this is such a huge issue you’re dealing with.

bigger snacks means bigger slacksFor instance, maybe your biggest issue is that you eat fast food almost every day of the week. Take a look at the nutritional content of most meals found at these places you will find that one single meal can easily total over 1500 calories! That’s not including if you happen to refill your soda a few times or order dessert afterwards. Consuming that many calories at one meal is far too much and if you do this regularly it will be your number one reason why you won’t lose weight.

In this scenario tackling this unhealthy habit first should be your number one priority. It may seem like a simple solution to merely cook food at home and not drive yourself to the fast food spots, but coming from someone who used to eat in this detrimental manner regularly, it’s a bit harder than it sounds.

For one, this person has gotten so used to eating at these places and this amount of food that the body has now become in a way addicted to these meals. The person craves for this type of food, therefore the mind will try to convince you not to cook food in your kitchen and instead simply go to the nearest drive-through window so you can have your food within five minutes.

Another issue that may need to be tackled is knowing what types of meals to prepare at home. In other words you don’t want to give up the KFC fried chicken just to make fried chicken at home. That is defeating the entire purpose.

Be willing to search the Internet for some healthy options that look appealing to you. Print out the ingredient list and directions then make your grocery shopping list. Taking this idea one step further, double the recipe to guarantee you will have leftovers to take with you to work the next day. By sticking with this healthy habit, you ensure you not only have a healthy dinner to eat, but a healthy lunch for the following day.

These are the decisions you will need to make in order to effectively tackle your daily nutrition. Remember, since we need to eat every day that means every day you will be faced with a dilemma on what to eat or not eat. The more you focus on making healthy choices, the sooner you will realize what it takes to achieve your weight loss goal. Tackle your most unhealthy habit first and you will grasp a good handle on this entire process.

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