Focus Exercise: The Push-up

exercise focus the pushupOne of the most basic exercises everyone should be familiar with is the push-up. This is a great way to get an upper body workout without needing to use any weights or additional equipment. The push-up, when properly done, targets the main muscle groups in the chest, arms, shoulders, and back.

Push-ups can be done wherever there’s enough space to stretch out indoors or outdoors on a level surface. Even if you do not possess the strength to initially do push-ups in the proper form, you can start off in a compensated or assisted position (with the knees on the ground) which will help you develop muscle strength without unnecessarily straining and potentially injuring yourself.

Focus Exercise: The Push-up

assisted push-up positionOnce your strength increases over the weeks, you can then start getting into the proper position to do push-ups. You can even start off in the proper push-up position and do as many as you can, and when your strength begins to waver, you can go into the assisted position to continue doing the repetitions you initially started off attempting to do.

When you are able to complete 20-30 push-ups in the proper position without much difficulty, you can then move on to more challenging push-up exercises and that’s when the fun really begins.

*always stretch and warm up properly before exercising and be sure your doctor has cleared you for regular physical exertion

Medium Challenge
Slow-Mo: Begin in regular push-up position and take 5 seconds to slowly go down and then push back up quickly back to starting position.

Down & Hold: From regular starting position go down quickly, hold the position for five seconds without touching the ground, and then push back up.

Diamond Push-ups: Putting your hands closer together to form a diamond shape, slowly go down and push back up.

Advanced Challenge
Leg Raises: Start in push-up position, raise one leg straight up in the air behind you. Slowly do a push-up the entire time keeping that same leg elevated in the air. Once you go down and push back up, switch legs and do the same.

Spider-man: Starting in push-up position, legs sightly wider than usual, as you go down bring one knee in and try and touch it to the same side elbow. In other words, right knee to touch your right elbow, but the entire time not touching the ground with any other body part aside from your hands which are already on the ground. Once you’ve touched your knee to your elbow (or as close as you are able to do), push back up and then switch to the other leg.

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