Are You Eating Too Much Food During The Day?

overeatingHave you wondered if you are eating too much food throughout the day? One of the most overlooked yet critical aspects of the weight loss process is controlling the portion size eaten at meals. This is especially true for individuals who are overweight/obese since often their bodies have become conditioned to eat a certain amount of food at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

However letting yourself devour food to the point where you are completely stuffed is an unhealthy habit you must break if you want to have any success losing weight.

Problem is you may not realize you are eating too much food at meals in addition to the entire day in the form of snacks and beverages. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep track of what you eat for a few days just to see how much you actually are consuming from morning to night.

It’s Crucial To Find Out If You Are Eating Too Much Food During The Day

Learning this vital information will provide you with an actual snapshot of your current eating habits and highlight key points that may need to be changed or altered.

An appropriate portion size for one meal should range from 350-550 calories depending on your gender, age, body type, and activity level. If you want to get a close-to-accurate daily calorie total, use the handy FREE tool MyFitnessPal found at their website or app for a smartphone. With this tool you’ll also be able to instantly find out the nutritional content of over 1 million food items which can really help you focus on the types of foods you eat.

Here are some questions to ask yourself at the end the day after tracking the food/drink you consumed along with answers you will hopefully be making someday.

1) How many servings of food did you eat at your main meals? Ideal Answer: 1

2) Aside from the meal, did you add-on extras like dinner rolls, a dessert, or additional servings of food? Ideal Answer: NO!

3) What types of beverages did you drink throughout the day? Ideal Answer: Water, or other low-calorie, low sugar beverage like green tea, black coffee, or 0-calorie Vitamin Water.

4) What snacks did you eat throughout the day? Ideal Answer: In between meals, appropriate portion sized healthy snacks approximately 100-200 calories in size.

5) Did you eat late at night or right before bedtime? Ideal Answer: Not less than 3 hours before going to sleep.

6) Did you eat out at a restaurant, get fast food or order pizza? Ideal Answer: No. But if it happens it’s not the burger, fries, soda option. Burger, fruit, and water is much healthier. Better yet, a Subway 6″ ham on whole wheat no mayo would be even better.

7) How many cups of water did you drink today? Ideal Answer: 6-8 cups

8) Did you take leftovers with you to work for lunch? Ideal Answer: Yes. An appropriate portion size leftover lunch along with healthy snacks to eat before and after

If you truly want to have success losing weight, maintaining self-control at meals along with your snacks is key. If you don’t control each eating instance you may potentially overeat at every meal which naturally will not aide your weight loss efforts.

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