Drink Dangers Many People Overlook

drink dangersIf you’re focused on improving your health and losing weight, you are most likely improving the choices of food you eat on a regular basis. However there is also another sneaky snake that continually strikes weight loss seekers many and they are found in the form of drinks.

People often forget the fact that calories are found in most beverages, and sometimes in hefty quantities depending on the type of drink and the size of cup. The calorie range can be quite significant just as the case with food. If you opt with water, you’ll have a total of 0 calories, but if you choose an extra-large soda from your favorite fast food place you’re looking at 500+ calories.

That’s an enormous difference in calories and why it’s so important you make wise, conscientious decisions when it comes to your beverages and avoid the drink dangers.

Careful Of The Drink Dangers Most People Overlook

Take for instance the popular convenience store 7-11. There are many people who enjoy drinking a Super Big Gulp soda every day either before work, during, or after on the way home but did you know that each one of those large cups holds 44 ounces of liquid? If you were to fill that cup with Mountain Dew, that means your calorie total for that single beverage will be an enormous 624 calories!

Multiply that amount over the entire week and you get a weekly total of 4,368 calories just drinking this one giant soda everyday. To put that number into perspective that equates to 1.2 pounds of extra weight tossed into the body during that seven day period and that’s not including any food whatsoever.

Drinking soda isn’t really a healthy choice when you think about the calories don’t you agree?

weight loss motivationNow don’t start thinking that just because you might not ever drink soda you’re free and clear from any nutritional drink dangers when it comes to beverages because that’s far from the truth. There are many other drinks that can cause caloric issues when it comes to weight loss so it’s always beneficial to check the nutritional label and more specifically, the calories per ounces serving in order to get an accurate picture of what you’re drinking.

For instance, there are certain coffees from popular spots such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean that can easily total more than 500+ calories. Take a gander at the venti White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks and you’ll be hit with 580 calories! Or a tad bit worse, the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino weighs in heavily at 610 calories.

Do you really think a beverage with that many calories will help you achieve weight loss success?

For those who need their caffeine fix, focus on plain black coffee which has only around 5 calories – just be careful with the sugar and types of creamers you add if you go this route because that 5 calorie starting point can rapidly increase.

It’s also important to take into account alcoholic beverages since those can be huge drink dangers. This is particularly crucial since many folks consume more than a couple on a “night out on the town” or when hanging out at home watching a sporting event or movie. The calorie total for these types of sessions can easily surpass 1000+ and that’s not even taking into account any food that may be consumed with these beverages.

Remember to keep in mind the drink dangers before you consume since they will add to your daily calorie total just as your food does. If you want to have weight loss success, then everything you put into your body from morning to night will matter in regards to your overall amount for the day. If you make healthy, conscientious choices throughout the day, you will likely end on a positive note. That means you chipped away a bit at your weight and took one step close to your goal.

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