Don’t Treat Yourself After Working Out

after working outOne of the most common mistakes people make when they are attempting to get fit is to treat themselves to an edible reward after working out. Think about if you’ve ever done this before. You get a good workout in the morning or afternoon, and later on that evening you think to yourself “Hey, I worked out today so why not have a fast food meal with soda or order a large pizza and garlic cheese bread?!”

Now before you think this is just an exaggeration and how harmful can one meal be especially after getting a good workout, keep this in mind. Your daily nutrition all comes down to numbers.

Let’s pretend our friend “Frank” to maintain his current weight he’s supposed to eat 1,800 calories a day. This may not be your own personal daily calorie amount but let’s just use Frank as an example.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Treat Yourself After Working Out

So if our friend Frank eats approximately 1,800 calories per day, he will neither gain nor lose weight, just maintain his current status.

On the other hand if Frank were to create a deficiency of 300 calories his daily total comes to 1,500, this deficiency when combined over days will soon add up to pounds of weight lost from his body. But if Frank goes over that 1,800 calorie limit by 300, 500, or 1,000+ calories, that will naturally lead to weight gain.

Now for the individual who exercises then afterwards feel as though they deserve a treat, let’s once again look at the numbers. Say for instance the exercise activity is a 5 mile run at a moderate pace. This workout translates to about 800-1,000 calories burned. That in itself is a great reduction in calories and would most likely create a calorie deficiency by the end of the day if proper nutrition is maintained throughout its entirety.

no excusesHowever many folks insist on treating themselves to an unhealthy choice after accomplishing a workout and that is what limits weight loss progress. Let’s take three meals from these popular fast food chains and see what actually lies beneath the caloric belt.

McDonald’s offers the Big Mac combo when ordered with large fries and soda you get a grand total of 1,350 calories. The Whopper combo from Burger King again with large fries and a soda comes out to be 1,260 calories. Finally the 3 piece fried chicken meal with two sides and large soda from KFC is 1,675 calories.

Did you notice that each one of these popular meals went far over the amount that was lost from the five mile run? This is one reason why if healthy nutrition is not maintained in conjunction with a consistent workout routine, true weight loss results will not be achieved.

Do your body a favor and scratch the notion of treating yourself after working out. If you stick with what is nutritious and appropriate in calories, you will make much more progress on your journey to get fit and not have to deal with setback after setback.

Don’t set yourself up to fail. Rid your mind of the notion to treat yourself to a gluttonous meal after working out and instead choose to back up that great feat with something even better…a healthy meal.

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