Don’t Buy Fast Food or Order Takeout

don't buy fast foodJust as the title states, when you are truly committed to losing weight and getting into better shape, one of the best habits you need to develop is cooking food for yourself at home. In other words this translates to don’t buy fast food or take out.

Naturally this statement will likely not hit home for anyone who is not concerned with weight loss or improving their health. If that’s the case then by all means continue picking up fast food, ordering home pizza delivery, or restaurant take-out.

However for those reading this who do want to lose weight in a healthy, natural manner, it’s time to ditch that type of food (at least for now) and focus on developing some healthier eating habits.

It’s Important You Don’t Buy Fast Food or Order Takeout If You Want To Lose Weight

The reason why preparing food at home is so important is that not only are you able to control every aspect of the meal, but as an added bonus you have the option of cooking a little extra to have travel lunches and leftovers for later.

So in essence you cook once yet have 3-4 meals for later. This food can be used in the same manner as was originally designed or you can mix and match with other items to create an entirely new meal.

Not only will this help you eat in a much more healthy manner, but you’ll also save a tremendous amount of money especially if you have the tendency to eat out regularly. Think of all the $7-$9 meals you may have purchased from fast food spots at lunchtime when at work over the years. Likely the price nearly doubles too if you happen to order restaurant take-out.

watch that portion sizeTherefore challenge yourself to a little contest and don’t buy fast food or restaurant take-out for one whole month. If you truly want to drop the weight, you need to give it a try. To make it easier, allow yourself 2-3 “passes” to be used for any occasion that may arise for the month. Even with these 2 or 3 cheat meals that should still be a great improvement if you are able to stick with 27 days of healthy nutrition.

A very important point to keep in mind is just because you will be preparing food at home does not necessarily translate to weight loss. Sure you will have complete control over what is cooked and placed on the plate in front of you, however the number one reason why people have trouble losing weight when cooking at home is controlling the portion size that’s consumed.

Stick with one serving of food, compliment that with 1-2 large glasses of water and you will be satisfied. Do away with bread rolls or other similar appetizers. Those things just add wasted calories to your overall total. Healthy and nutritious is what you’re striving for. You don’t need fried or sweet treats so try not to let those types of items fall into your shopping cart the next time you go to the market.

You will find that if you stick wholeheartedly with making healthy choices, you will change your outlook on nutrition after one month has passed and that is when the weight will really start coming off. It just takes a willingness to try and the determination to stick with it regularly. Don’t buy fast food or restaurant take-out. Give it a shot and see what you think…what do you have to lose except excess weight?

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