Want to Lose Weight and Get In Shape?

think of yourselfTo lose weight and get in shape it’s important to understand that the success you have in this effort is 100% entirely dependent on your commitment to this cause. In other words, do you truly, undoubtedly, wholeheartedly want to lose weight?

This is the kind of dedication that needs to be made because the first realization you will have to come to terms with is that some things will definitely have to change. This is basically inherent for mostly everyone who is in the predicament of being overweight or obese. Either the individual has not exercised in a very long time, and/or their eating habits are not what they should be. Therefore definite changes will need to be made in their lifestyle if they are to have success in losing weight. So if you are willing to make changes in order to be successful, then yes, your goal to lose weight is readily attainable.

Basically there are two different areas you will need to address in this process for a healthy lifestyle change. The food aspect and the exercise component. When these two areas are adequately addressed and maintained on a regular basis, you will start shedding the excess weight.

Personally, I advise people to address the food aspect first due to the fact that even if you consistently work out but continue to eat the worst food possible, very little change will occur with your weight. Remember, it all comes down to your willingness and determination to be successful. All the advice in the world is meaningless unless YOU are willing to make that change.

When You Want To Truly Lose Weight and Get In Shape Tackle Your Kitchen First

Go through the refrigerator, cupboards, pantry, wherever you have food stored and decide if the options you have are healthy. Are there items present that are going to help limit your progress in your goal to lose weight and get in shape? That is your number one priority when it comes down to this. Therefore that 5 pound bag of Doritos that’s right there on the top shelf… gotta go. Those three cases of soda… not going to do you any good.

Once you’ve gone through your kitchen you next need to plan out a daily menu that will help you lose weight and get in shape. Personally I like to keep it simple. A healthy cereal for breakfast. For snacks…apples, bananas, oranges, any type of fruit that’s in season, or healthy cereal/granola bars (I enjoy the Special K – 90 calorie bars). For lunch, if I have any leftovers from dinner the night before, perfect, if that’s not possible I opt for a Lean Cuisine meal (similar to weight watcher frozen meals) ranging from 200-350 calories per meal, low in fat, decent fiber content, and they taste really good. I always try to keep my freezer stocked with at least 5-7 different options so if I am in a bind or have no leftovers I can easily throw one in my lunch bag and I’m off.

As you see, breakfast, snack, lunch, nothing extremely difficult to prepare or nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing that takes a great deal of effort to get ready. The easier you make this, the more likely it will take hold and you will transition smoothly into this new healthy lifestyle.

healthy portion sizeNow that leaves us with the dinner choices. You do have the option to continue with the Lean Cuisine/Weight Watchers frozen meal options but if you like to cook then definitely look into some options that are going to be low in fat, low in carbohydrates, includes vegetables, avoiding fried foods as much as possible, and something that will be healthy for your body.

To get your mind going, think of grilled chicken with broccoli and corn. Salads with low-fat dressing. Salmon with brown rice. Chicken noodle soup. Turkey wraps. Whole wheat pasta. Tuna salad with light mayo. Garden burgers wrapped with lettuce and tomato. And the list goes on and on.

One thing very important in how to lose weight and get in shape is even with these healthy options, portion size is critical to maintaining a well-balanced diet. When you find yourself with an overloaded, oversized plate, that’s definitely way too many calories for one meal. Get in the habit of limiting the amount you put on a plate and you will see the benefits when you step on the scale.

Once you tackle the food aspect of the lose weight and get in shape process you are well on your way to losing weight. You are ready to keep meals and snacks in check. Your calories will be at an appropriate amount where you are providing your body with enough fuel that it needs in addition to appropriate healthy nutritional content. Next you will need to focus on the exercise portion of your plan.

Get an exercise routine to make sure you lose weight and get in shape.

The exercise component of this plan will be entirely based upon your preference. What you like to do, sports and hobbies that you may already know, or want to learn. Some people like to go to the gym. Some like to play tennis or basketball or jog. Again, whatever truly captures your interest is what’s important here.

But it’s critical you maintain a regular routine so you can lose weight and get in shape. Regular meaning the fact that you need to exercise or workout a minimum of 3 days a week, preferably 5 or 6. The more you are able to workout, the more rapidly you will lose weight and get in shape.

Some of you may not have a gym near you, or may not even like that form of exercise. Or maybe you do not have any interest in sports and do not want to take the time to learn how to play one. Luckily you can still maintain a regular workout program without having to do either.

There are a number of options that you can do right from the comfort of your living room. Maybe you have never given much thought to an at-home DVD workout program, but let me tell you from firsthand experience, they are incredibly effective, convenient, and fun to do!

I am currently in my fourth week of Insanity and I am truly loving the experience. This is an intense cardio-based DVD workout I can do whenever I want, from the comfort of my home. I do not need to leave my house and go elsewhere to workout. Best yet, I do not have to pay any monthly membership fees. It’s mine, and I can use it as often as I like. If I wanted, I can even put it on my laptop and workout in the backyard just to change up the scenery.

Now I’m not recommending that everyone go out and purchase Insanity and start using it right away especially if you have not worked out in a very long time. I say that because it is super intense and the program even states “not recommended for beginners”. But there are a number of other options that may appeal to you.

Some of you may prefer or enjoy dancing your way to a fitter self such as the DVD workout programs Hip Hop Abs or Turbo Jam. These would be especially good if you are not feeling like doing repetitive boring exercises like jumping jacks and push ups. Best yet, both of these programs cost less than $50 each! You can dance your way to a leaner, fitter you. For those of you who are religious, there is even a DVD workout program called Body Gospel which is a comprehensive fitness program that connects the power of your faith with your desire to lose weight and get fit. If you are really short on time and want a super quick, yet effective workout, then the 10-Minute Trainer may be the perfect match for you.

And these are just a few of the at-home DVD workout programs that you can use as your exercise guide to insure that you stick with your plan and desire to lose weight and get in shape. If you would like details and examples of 10 completely unique award-winning workout programs, click here.

It does not cost much to get an effective workout routine directly in your hands that you can do from the comfort of your home. The key how to lose weight and get in shape is making sure you not only carefully plan your meals accordingly, but you back it up with consistent exercise. It is vital that you find something that is truly inspirational so that you will follow through with your goal to lose weight and get in shape.

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