Difference Between Setbacks and Failure

setbacks and failureThere is an immense difference between setbacks and failure. For anyone working on a weight loss goal, there will most likely be many ups and downs as you go through the process of revamping your daily living habits. Let’s face it, if you have been living in an unhealthy manner for quite some time then your mind and body will put up some resistance trying to get you to steer clear of doing what’s healthy for your body.

If you have become used to eating pizza and drinking soda regularly, guess what your body is still going to crave? Yep the exact same stuff you’ve become accustomed to eating.

However there’s an important point to take note of while you go through the weight-loss process. It’s crucial you understand the difference between setbacks and failure because they differ immensely.

Know The Difference Between Setbacks and Failure

A setback is a temporary lapse in self-control. It happens when you give into the temptation to eat unhealthy foods or overeat on far too much at a meal. A setback can occur when you twist an ankle and are unable to exercise for a couple of weeks.

A setback may also happen when you decide to go out binge drinking with friends for a birthday and end up eating and naturally consuming far too many drinks. That means you took in far too many calories for one moment in addition to likely being hungover the next day and stray from your healthy agenda once again.

As unfortunate as these scenarios are, if you are still determined to stick with your overall weight loss mission, then these are still only minor temporary setbacks.

weight loss motivationNow on the other hand failure is something completely different. Failure occurs when the person gives up entirely on the weight loss process. This can happen when the person is not comfortable making these healthy changes on a daily basis. Failure can also happen when the individual sees the progress is coming too slowly and doesn’t want to stick with it for the long haul.

Regardless of the reason for failure, just understand that it is the result of quitting your efforts to lose weight and get in shape which means your healthy won’t improve.

One way how setbacks and failures are related is that one can easily lead into the other. In other words, if you have too many setbacks in close proximity to one another, the lazy, unmotivated voice in our heads can take over and convince you to quit this nonsense and get back to the old, unhealthy you.

That can be the danger of setbacks and why you should try your hardest to keep them from occurring to a minimum. Sure once in a while they will pop up for whatever reason, but keep in mind your overall goal and get back to your healthy living habits as quickly as possible.

The less you stray off course, the sooner you will reach your destination. Plus, the longer you stay focused on task, the more these healthy habits will become second nature to you and you’ll no longer be tempted with the old ways of living on junk food, excessive eating, and lack of consistent exercise.

Keep in mind the difference between setbacks and failure. If losing weight is truly an important goal for you, failure is definitely not an option. That means you should concentrate on having as few setbacks in this weight loss process so you will achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

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