The Dieting Issues Many Face

dieting issues Are you focused on losing weight? Has that been nagging issue for some time and you are tired of being unable to make a dent in that darn number that keeps appearing every time you step on scale? As exasperating as this journey may be, you are far from being alone in this type of situation. According to CBS news, over 45 million Americans are on a diet yet Gary Foster, Ph.D., clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania, states that 65 percent of dieters return within three years to their pre-dieting weight.

If you refuse to accept defeat and are determined to succeed, then planning out the following day can really help you grasp a hold of this process and keep you focused on your goal.

Before you scoff at the idea of actually making a plan for the next day, realize that this practice is really just meant to help a person get used to what it takes to live a healthy life from morning to night.

There Are Alot Of Dieting Issues Many Face

One of the biggest hurdles most would-be weight loss seekers fail to grasp is that losing weight does not merely come from working out. Actually that’s hardly the fact. Exercise only attributes to about 30% of the overall weight loss success a person achieves.

Guess where the other 70% is derived from. Yep, that’s right, nutrition!

Your daily nutrition will really be the deciding factor if the excess weight comes off. Once you truly come to terms with this fact, you’ll see why planning out each following day will help keep you focused not just in the morning, or at lunch, but for the entire day.

motivationThere are just too many instances throughout the day that are potential daggers in any weight loss agenda. Aside from breakfast, lunch, and dinner (each providing opportunities to overeat), there are the casual snacking moments that pop up throughout the day. These are especially dangerous since more often than not, the snacks are casually eaten while watching television, chatting with family members, using the computer, reading a book, or doing some other type of leisure activity.

Each time this happens hundreds, potentially thousands of extra wasted calories are being tossed into the body and are usually never burned off afterwards. You can see why if this happens regularly, it will be nearly impossible to lose weight.

Therefore, when you plan out your day, not only should you take into consideration the food you will eat at your three main meals, but you can also plan/prepare the snacks you will eat. By taking care of all this the night/day before, the plan is in place to help guide you through each eating instance. This can really help alleviate the need to run out and grab fast food or order pizza which are both far to heavy in calories.

Eat healthy in appropriate portion sizes throughout the day and you will maintain a daily calorie amount that is conducive to weight loss. Combine that with a regular fitness routine and you will have a well-prepared plan to help you meet your weight loss goal.

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