The Dangers Of Having An Unhealthy Kitchen

unhealthy kitchenThe dangers of having an unhealthy kitchen are quite numerous. Since my main focus is eating in a healthy manner for at least 90% of the week, I am now extremely cognizant of every single thing I potentially place in my mouth. Thinking about food in this manner has been a process for me over the past 18 months, but thankfully my diligence and commitment to develop healthy living habits has paid off.

I no longer snack on anything unhealthy including soda and potato chips. Often water is my only drink for most days of the week. Portion size is maintained at all meals and I ensure that I have a travel lunch and healthy snacks to take with me to work every day.

These are the habits that have slowly emerged thanks to my commitment to lose weight and develop healthy living habits. Now that my focus is on proper nutrition, I am much more aware of what types of food and drinks are around me, or at least within sight.

There Are Many Dangers Of Having An Unhealthy Kitchen

What inspired me to write this article was due to what I witnessed when visiting my parents house yesterday after work. Upon entering their kitchen, I immediately noticed how many unhealthy snacks were scattered throughout the area. Literally every direction I looked there were items I would not even think of purchasing to put in my home these days, but yet here they were in my own family’s kitchen which means their snacking habits are not nearly as healthy as they should be.

Out of sheer curiosity I tallied up what I considered to be an unhealthy kitchen snack and this is what I found:

– 2 large packs of assorted muffins
– 3 boxes of Cheese-Its (2 regular, 1 PepperJack)
– A stack of at least 10 assorted candy bars
– 2 cases of soda – Mountain Dew and Cactus Cooler
– 1 big container of apple pastries
– 3 large bags of potato chips
– 2 containers of peanuts
– 1 large box of See’s chocolates
… the only healthy thing I saw were 2 bananas laying in the corner.

Now imagine how difficult it would be to focus on healthy nutrition if you were confronted with these types of choices every single time you entered the unhealthy kitchen. It would be terribly difficult to avoid all these snacks and you may likely find yourself grabbing something every time you walk through the kitchen.

Do your body a favor and improve the likelihood of sticking with healthy eating habits by not purchasing these types of items from the market. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have any snacks in your kitchen because you definitely should. However, the snacks you do purchase should be healthy and nutritious.

Here’s a great place to start for healthy snack ideas –>

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