It’s Crucial You Fix That Portion Size

fix that portion sizeIf you are attempting to revamp your living habits in an effort to lose weight, this may be an up and down struggle as you get used to the process. To get a good handle on this weight loss process, one of the most crucial items of business that needs to be taken care of is your portion size.

Lack of control over portion size is the number one reason why folks continue to gain weight. Eating too large of a portion at meals translates to taking in too many calories. If you do that on a daily basis naturally your weight will continue to increase.

Depending on how large your portion size is will determine how much weight you actually gain. That’s why getting a strong handle on the amount you eat on a daily basis is going to be your true ticket to weight loss success.

Fix That Portion Size For Weight Loss Success

Let’s take for example the double western bacon cheeseburger combo from Carl’s Jr. If large fries and a large soda are ordered with this meal you end up with a whopping total of 1,777 calories! For many, that is enough calories for an entire day, yet thousands and thousands of people consume this exact meal each and every day across the country.

This is the type of portion size that will not help anyone who has a desire to lose weight. Think about it. How can almost 1,800 calories at one meal be beneficial for the body? That amount of food will do nothing but add-on to everything else consumed that day to give you an enormous calorie total likely over 3,000!

portion sizePortion size is all to blame with this ridiculous calorie amount. Granted, eating at a fast food spot is rarely going to be a healthy event, however you can still escape the visit without causing a disaster to your weight loss plan.

Back to the Carl’s Jr. example, if you are determined to eat at a place like this, instead of ordering that humongous 1,800 calorie meal, opt for a smaller sized burger like their bacon double cheeseburger that’s only 390 calories. If you really have good self-control attach a large glass or bottle of water with that burger and you have just kept the meal under 400 calories while still eating fast food.

Splurging a bit more, a small order of french fries will add around 300 calories bringing the total to under 700. A huge 1,000+ calorie difference from the original meal! Easy way to fix that portion size.

It’s these specific choices that will determine if you end the day with an appropriate calorie total. Every time you eat, take into consideration the portion size that’s in front of you and hopefully the choices you make will lean more towards the healthy size especially if you are trying to lose weight.

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