Create An Arsenal Of Kitchen Equipment

arsenal of kitchen equipmentWhen I started cooking regularly at home, I practically had no kitchen equipment aside from the basic appliances of a refrigerator and stove, along with two pans, one skillet, and a large wooden spoon and naturally forks, spoons, and knives in a drawer. My kitchen essentials were quite limited. . So sad, I know. This goes to show how rare it was for me to actually cook something in my kitchen and why I usually opted for pizza delivery, restaurant take-out, or fattening fast food.

However when I made the promise to myself to start using my kitchen regularly, I did not want to fork out hundreds of dollars all at once in an effort to stock it with everything I needed. It’s easy to get carried away shopping especially when you see a number of products you currently don’t have in your possession. But try not to make this become a financial burden on you and your family. Planning was definitely an ally when it came to creating a kitchen that was conducive to healthy living.

Creating An Arsenal Of Kitchen Equipment

Once I decided on a meal I wanted to cook, I wrote down all the items I needed to purchase from the market along with any necessary equipment/tools I was lacking. By approaching creating the habit of cooking regularly in this manner, it really helped me slowly accumulate a kitchen full of all the necessities that I’m extremely proud of these days.

health and fitnessFor instance, a couple of months ago I had the urge to cook pulled pork, but I wanted this meal to be made using a slow cooker. Since I did not own one of these, I headed to my local Walmart and found one for only 18 dollars. I was able to prepare a delicious meal but more importantly now I have this essential kitchen tool neatly stored away waiting to be used for the next healthy meal when needed.

Often though it’s not a large or expensive item that needs to be purchased in order to create a certain meal at home. Sometimes it’s just a certain spice that’s lacking or a special utensil that’s needed.

When I recently made chipotle hummus I also wanted to bake my own whole wheat pita chips to avoid buying a calorie-packed store brand alternative. Since the pita bread needed to be coated in an olive oil seasoned mixture, I needed to buy a basting brush which cost less than $3. This brush has actually come in handy a few times already and I’ve only owned it for a couple of months.

You will find the more you focus on preparing meals at home on a regular basis, you will slowly develop a fully stocked arsenal of kitchen equipment to help you create practically anything your heart desires.

Better yet, the more you get used to this process, the sooner you will have a fantastic list of healthy meals along with the necessary tools and equipment needed to prepare them for you and your family.

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