Craving a Hamburger, That’s Not A Major Problem, Or Is It?

hamburger cravingAre you thinking about grabbing a nice charbroiled cheeseburger after work today? You are definitely not alone. Approximately 14 billion hamburgers will be sold in the U.S. this year which works out to be about 38 million burgers sold every single day in this country alone!

If you’re craving a hamburger but feel guilty because you are currently focusing on your health and fitness, don’t worry because it is possible to enjoy these delights once in a while without causing much damage to your healthy eating plan.

If You’re Craving A Hamburger, That’s Doesn’t Have To Cause A Major Problem

Personally I’ve always been a fan of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon burgers, in addition to the specialty varieties you find here and there. The number of different toppings you can add to this handheld marvel allow you to subtly change the taste and flavor to your liking.

Don’t like tomatoes, you can take those out.

Want onion rings, toss them in.

There are even some who prefer to add egg, pastrami, or even jalapenos to burgers too. If that’s what suits their taste buds, so be it.

However most often tied hand-in-hand with the traditional burger are french fries and a soda and this is where the trouble is really found.

burger cravingLet’s take for example the popular Big Mac burger from McDonald’s. Now this sandwich has a total of 550 calories, along with 29 grams of fat. Granted this is not the ideal type of food to eat on a regular or daily basis, nevertheless it can be enjoyed on occasion.

Problem is that most hamburger connoisseurs usually get french fries and a soda to go along with the burger. Stating the facts, a large order of french fries is 560 calories, a large 30 ounce coke is 280 calories. When you add that all together you have a meal totaling 1,340 calories. Far too much for one sitting.

Actually that’s almost enough calories for an entire day packed into one single meal.

You can see how the urge to have a hamburger can quickly turn into a caloric disaster if you aren’t careful. But, and I do stress the word ‘but’, if you are able to maintain a certain degree of self-control you can enjoy a burger without causing too much damage to your nutritional plan.

Here’s a solution to this issue.

Instead of getting the typical french fries and soda option, which combine for over 800+ calories, get a bottle of water along with fruit slices or a yogurt. Naturally if you are not used to this type of combination it may seem odd or incomprehensible, but when you look at the numbers you will see that making this decision can really save you from overeating.

Also, try to be reasonable with the size and type of toppings you add. In other words, do you really need order double meat, double cheese, extra bacon, onion rings, and pastrami on your burger? That right there would probably be a 1,200+ calorie excursion. Settle for a 600 calorie and under option, tie that in with a giant glass of water, and you will be just as satisfied.

By making these crucial choices, especially when eating out, you can save your body the trouble of attempting to digest an enormous amount of food at one sitting.

Remember, portion size is key to weight loss success so make sure each meal you eat is an appropriate amount. It truly is disastrous to a healthy eating plan to take in too many calories at one meal so do your best to always take into account the food you have in front of you so you’ll make smart, healthy choices.

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