How To Lose Body Fat and Get Off The Couch…Finally!

My old friend, the couchThe question that had stumped me for so long – how to lose body fat? At one time I weighed a healthy 185 pounds, was active in sports, and didn’t have a concern in the world about my weight or how far my stomach protruded over my belt line.

When did I stop exercising regularly? When did I start eating fast food more often than cooking at home? When did I pass the 200 pound weight mark? 220? 240? The answers to these questions are all the same – “So long ago I don’t remember”.

The problem I faced for the better part of a decade was how to lose body fat and finally abandon my couch and those bags of potato chips and get myself back into shape. Aside from making a firm commitment to myself to stick the process this time, I had to make some actual changes in how I lived my life. First I had to start changing the way I ate. More specifically, I had to start taking into careful consideration everything I put into my mouth.

Too long had I been splurging on double bacon cheeseburgers, extra large orders of chili cheese fries, milk shakes, pizza, and a whole slew of other choices that helped lead me to where I ended up back in September 2012 – at almost 300 pounds!

The choices and portion sizes of my food needed to change if I was to have any success with my goal how to lose body fat and get into shape.

No Fast foodsChanging what a person eats might sound simple and straightforward, however this actually may be the hardest part of the entire weight loss process. It definitely takes quite a bit of willpower to avoid the cravings of all those unhealthy food choices that are plastered practically everywhere we go.

I believe this to be the main reason why the majority of people who attempt to lose weight are not successful. Avoiding foods that they have become so accustomed to eating takes a real conscious effort. This can be a daily struggle for the person who regularly snacks, drinks, or eats in an unhealthy manner.

Ignoring the temptation to go to a fast food drive-thru to order a double bacon cheeseburger meal with an XL soda. Sitting on the couch and eating a whole box of crackers or a half gallon of ice cream while watching a movie. Going to the vending machine at work during your break to get a 20oz. soda and a bag of chips.

These are just a few examples of the daily struggles that will occur and the choices those who want to lose weight will need to face. If there were “rules” to the process of losing weight, Rule #1 would definitely be “Start Eating Healthy”.

Eating Healthy and a Consistent Exercise Routine Is How to Lose Body Fat For Good

Since I have now been focusing on eating healthier, I am much more cognizant of what I put in my mouth throughout the entire day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I make sure to take into consideration even drinks and snacks too since they can deceptively add 700+ calories per day if not diligently monitored.

When I think back to my old eating habits, I can only shake my head in disgust especially when I learned that a Burger King Double Bacon Whopper with cheese, large fries and soda has close to 2,000 calories! Did you know that?!

No wonder I never could figure out how to lose body fat. I was in shock and disbelief. That’s more than enough calories for an entire day of food packed into one meal, and probably enough fat content for two or three days.

I can’t tell you how many times over the past 10 years I indulged in this type of eating, with this type of meal. Sometimes even two or three times a day too! Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how I used to eat. If your current eating habits are anything like mine were and you would like to improve your healthy like I’m doing, it’s time to make a change.

In addition to eating healthier I also needed to start a regular exercise regiment. This is definitely Rule #2 in the weight loss process, “Start a consistent workout routine”.

Effective WorkoutsAs I was contemplating what type of exercise to start doing, I came to an important realization. Personally, I have never been good at attending a gym such as an LA Fitness or Gold’s Gym. I even purchased a membership once for about six months and didn’t attend more than five or six times.

What a waste of money! This time I had a different plan in mind.

How To Lose Body Fat With An At Home Workout Program

Since I’m the type of person that likes to have a specific plan to follow, I felt that an at-home DVD exercise program would be best suited for me. I wanted to get a program that had proven results along with a step-by-step schedule to follow. This way I was not forced to come up with my own workout plan or stuck merely jogging around my neighborhood day in and day out. In my opinion, that would get monotonous rather quickly and I’d probably quit my efforts again as had been so customary over the years.

With the wide variety of workout DVDs available, there’s definitely a program that is right for you and will provide you with the motivation needed to help keep you regularly working out. Plus, how cool is it to be able to get an awesome workout in the comfort of your living room needing nothing more than a DVD player and a television?!

The program I chose for myself was Insanity which surprisingly came with a total of 10 workout DVDs, a nutrition plan, along with a workout calendar to track your progress. It is a total body, circuit training workout that uses only your own weight as resistance so I didn’t need to purchase any additional equipment other than a new pair of running shoes.

If you have been longing to be inspired to tackle the how to lose body fat issue, then try a new approach and get an at-home DVD workout program. Get the complete details on ten of the most popular home workout programs by clicking here. and see which would be the right fit for you.

If you have been wanting to lose weight and develop a more healthy lifestyle, I invite you to join me on this journey. If your situation is anything like mine was, and you’ve been aching to start moving in a more positive direction, then here is the perfect opportunity to accept that challenge and start creating a new you!

In Health and Happiness,

Gregory L. Gomez

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