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Knocked Down But Not Out – Insanity Workout Program Take 2

Insanity Workout ProgramI must be honest and upfront, it’s unfortunate that I was unable to complete the Insanity workout program on my first attempt. Possibly blame it on timing since there was a lot going on in my life when I started Insanity, or just blame it on not following through with another commitment to lose weight.

One of the main reasons for me not finishing what I first set out to do was the fact that school ended for me (I’m a teacher), therefore summer started and having six weeks of freedom made it difficult to stick with any type of schedule or routine. Mini-vacations occurred, projects around the house popped up, and a general sense of laziness crept in, and that’s where everything went downhill.

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Insanity Week 3 Begins With My Second Fit Test

Insanity WorkoutI was so excited to start week three of Insanity which of course begins with your second fit test. Every two weeks, the Insanity program has you perform this test again in order for you to compare your results to the previous testing period. Doing so gives you actual numbers to track to see how much faster and stronger you are becoming from your daily workouts.

I was surprised to say I missed seeing my television workout buddies. I missed going through the warmup (which is a workout in itself). I missed hearing the workout music. I missed working up a sweat. And by the end of the second fit test, I remembered how much Insanity pushes you to your limits, urging you to do one more step… one more jump… one more pushup.

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Finally Recovered From My Injury… Back to the Insanity Program!

I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been this past week. To sit and nurse an injury that was truly silly has been the worst part of it all. Seven days in total, has been the extent of the stall in my workout process and I’ve hated each and every day of it all.

I was doing great. Actually I felt like I was doing superb! For me to lose 10.4 pounds in a month, I can’t actually remember ever doing that in my life. And all from my healthy eating and exercise efforts. Therefore for me to have to stop working out due to a few cuts on the underside of my feet from hanging out at the beach for a couple days is just silly to me. I want to work out! I am in that mode now where I understand how this works. I know what it takes to shed the weight, and to be unfortunately hampered by something that seems so trivial has been the worst part of it all.
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Personal Advice Before Starting Insanity

before starting insanityFor those of your who do not know, I am a 37 year old male 5th grade teacher for LAUSD who used to weigh 280.1 pounds a little over a month ago. I was finally sick and tired of being overweight and made the commitment, the promise to myself to get into shape and shed a total of 80 pounds. Through diet and exercise I have already lost 10.4 pounds exactly one month into my healthy lifestyle change.

When I was planning what I was going to do in order to start burning off those pounds, I wanted to use a proven workout program that has a great track record. I wanted something that was not only inspirational in nature, but that had a schedule to follow.

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Most Common Sports Injuries From Carelessness

don't worry about failuresI’m sad to say I have one of the most common sports injuries. It’s silly actually but still deserves to be noted in hopes that the next time if you are in a similar situation, you heed these words of advice.

Here’s what happened. Since this weekend was a holiday three-day stint due to Memorial Day, we spent a few hours at the Huntington Dog Beach on Saturday running and playing with our two dogs. Throwing tennis balls, chasing each other, just having a good ‘ol time under the sun. The day ended without incident and Sunday brightly came upon us.

Some friends planned a beach bonfire at Huntington Beach on Sunday which we thought would be a nice way to spend the evening barbecuing and making s’mores. But as we are always cognizant of our doggies, and since they are not allowed on that particular side of the beach, we needed to tire them out before leaving them home alone for 6+ hours.

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Another Friday, Time To Weigh In

Insanity Workout ProgramToday marks my fourth week since I started eating healthier and exercising regularly thanks to the awesome, kick my butt workout program Insanity! I just did my weekly weigh in before work as is my customary routine every Friday morning, and I broke the 270 mark!! After my weigh in I’m at 269.4 pounds which means I have lost a grand total of 10.7 pounds since I began this whole journey about a month ago, leaving me about 50 more to go :-)

Not sure if I will continuously lose ten pounds every four weeks, but if this pace keeps up, in about five months I will reach my goal of 220 pounds.

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Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

Good morning! It is May 22, 2012 and I’m happy to say that yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary. I had the pleasure of taking my beautiful wife to a Queen Mary Anniversary Dinnerwonderful dinner last night on the Queen Mary (Sir Winston’s) located in Long Beach, California.

Beforehand, actually throughout the day, this conversation kept popping up in my head, “Geez Greg, how are you going to fit in the Insanity workout today? You aren’t going to feel like working out after dinner, and before work at 4:30am is really not an option, so what are you going to do?”

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Friday is Here! Time to Weigh in…

lose a pound of weightWell I made it to another Friday, and this morning before work I stuck with my routine of weighing myself and noting my progress on my wall calendar and I am happy to say that I lost more weight this week! I am now 272.2 pounds and I must tell you that my body is definitely feeling worked out. I am currently on Day 4 of the Insanity workout program and it is kicking my butt. But kicking my butt in a good way :-)

I still have yet to make it through an entire workout. The first workout I made it to about the 9:30 minute mark (it started at 40 minutes), and yesterday I made it almost to the 8:30 minute mark. I am definitely noticing that my legs are much stronger than my arms/upper body. This was immediately evident yesterday during the Cardio Power and Resistance session, when they did the Tricep Dips, I could barely do three. And when they kicked it up a notch to the more difficult One Legged Tricep Dips, uhhhhh….I couldn’t even do one :-(

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Insanity Fit Test – Day 1 of Insanity Complete

Fit Test Workout RoutineOK! I have passed day 1 and all I can say is WHEW!! That was a workout… which is also a tad bit disheartening since day one of the exercise program was just the Insanity fit test nothing more. The Insanity Fit Test establishes a baseline from where I will judge my future results every other week. So in other words, every two weeks I will retake this same Insanity Fit Test and compare my results to see how much faster and how much stronger I’ve gotten with the various exercises.

What was the Insanity Fit Test like?

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