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A Dog Is A Great Exercise Partner

exercise partnerLet me first state that I am not advocating getting a dog solely for the purpose of wanting an exercise partner. Yes that is definitely one great advantage to having a dog, however owning a dog has a hefty amount of responsibility and I would hate for anyone to get a dog and neglect him or her. That’s just not right.

Coming from someone who’s had a dog practically my entire life, they become more than just a mere pet. They are considered one of the family. There are many dog owners out there that feel the exact same way and would never think of mistreating or being cruel to their furry friend.

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3 Ways To Increase Your Exercise Motivation

exercise motivationThe role of exercise motivation and three ways to keep you inspired at a peak level. Maintaining an exercise commitment on a continuous basis can be tough. Sure it might not be terribly difficult to get off the couch and go running once or twice a month, but what if you want to truly focus on fitness and get into much better shape? To accomplish this, you will definitely need to stick with an exercise plan 4-6 times per week and this is where the need for motivation comes into play.

Simply put, if you aren’t really motivated to achieve your goal, how can you expect to stick with your plan after the first month or two? If you aren’t inspired to continually fuel your fitness fire, then your efforts may be short-lived and your goal never accomplished.

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Get A Morning Workout In Before The Day Takes Over

morning workoutGetting used to a consistent exercise routine can pose quite a challenge for many people. Let’s face it, if you’re not used to exercising on a regular basis then repeatedly forcing yourself to go out and sweat can be rather tough. Getting past the first few initial weeks so this becomes a regular habit is what matters the most. Once this happens, the topic of exercise won’t be an internal struggle any longer.

When it comes to the issue of weight loss, eating healthy and exercising consistently are two of the most important habits to stick with regularly. Unfortunately there are a whole host of other matters that must be taken care of in your life on a daily basis. Sure losing weight sounds like a great idea at 10pm right before going to bed, but once the new day begins, it’s easy to overlook your healthy agenda with the stress of the day. This is why it can often be very difficult to keep exercise at the forefront of your priorities. Here’s where a morning workout can really help get you to stick with a consistent schedule.

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A Workout For A Couple With a Young Child

workoutAll too often you come across workout routines designed for a single individual. That’s great for those planning on doing the activity all by themselves but sometimes there are situations where a couple may want to exercise together. To make the situation even more challenging, let’s say for example this couple has a six month old child. Question posed, is it still possible to work out together even with a child that needs to be monitored?

The simplest solution is that each person exercises on their own leaving one person to take care of the little guy (or girl) however for the sake of argument let’s imagine this couple has agreed to only workout when they’re able to do so together.

There’s a number of reasons when this situation may potentially arise.

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5 Indoor Workouts For When You’re Stuck Inside

indoor workoutsThroughout the year there are a number of days when you may be stuck indoors on account of the weather outside. Whether it be snow, sleet, hail, rain, or just a really windy day, all of these scenarios can throw a temporary wrench into your outdoor exercise plans.

Depending on where you live the number of days stuck inside may be rather numerous, so instead of simply giving up on your plans to exercise, here are 5 indoor workouts you can do to still get exercise right in the comfort of your home.

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6 Important Tips For Runners or Walkers

important tips for runnersFor some of us, running or walking is our form of regular exercise. Whether it be an early morning, before work type of ritual, or an end-of-the-day tradition, running or walking is a liberating activity that gets rid of stress and helps clear the mind. Plus you get the added bonus of getting a good form of cardio exercise that’s literally free to do.

However there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you happen to be one who braves the streets or maybe even the off-beaten path. Here are 6 important tips for runners and walkers you should be mindful of to help keep you safe and hopefully injury-free.

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Having Trouble Exercising Consistently?

exercising consistentlyAre you someone who has had a difficult time sticking with exercising consistently week after week? Do you often tell yourself in the morning that today you will workout for an hour, but by the end of the day you’re just too exhausted and those wonderful exercise plans get thrown out the window?

If you’ve had a tough time getting a regular form of exercise and you are determined to change that around, one of the best ways to do this is by exercising in the morning before your actual day gets going full steam ahead.

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Healthy Question of the Week 7

question of the week 7
I’m curious to know what’s your favorite workout to do and why?

Good Afternoon Cindy,

Thanks for taking a moment to write in. Ahh, the good ‘ol favorite workout question. Honestly, that’s a tough one to answer since I don’t know if I can pick an actual favorite. It may sound funny but all the workouts/exercises I’m doing right now are so much fun :-)

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Money Can’t Buy Fitness, You Gotta Earn It

money can't buy fitnessIt’s long been said that money can’t buy everything and most will agree if they are truly being honest throwing silliness aside. Money can’t buy you true love. Money can’t buy back your youth or bring back loved ones that have passed on. And additionally, money can’t buy fitness no matter how much you shell out of your pocket.

To make that point clear, all the money in the world cannot automatically create that perfect physique regardless of how much you are willing to pay. Sure money can pay for a private gym membership or even allow you to build your own gym in your backyard. Money will also allow you to hire a 24 hour a day personal trainer along with a chef to be at your beckoning call whenever you need a healthy meal prepared.

Money can also pay for weight reduction surgeries or “tummy tucks” which can give the appearance of a reduction in weight. Even in this case the person is not fit, they just have less fat – completely different case.

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Developing A Workout Routine

developing a workout routineIf you are focusing on improving your health by losing weight and getting fit, one healthy habit you should not overlook (aside from improving your nutrition) is developing a workout routine.

Naturally this can be a bit awkward especially when starting out for the first couple months. It takes a considerable amount of effort to remove yourself from the couch or bed and get that body moving again. For many, it will be a slow process as your legs, arms, and body get used to exercising.

However once you make it past that initial stage and are able to exercise for 30 minutes to an hour, you’ve crossed the first and most difficult hurdle. Now the fun can really begin!

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