Careful When Eating Eggs

careful when eating eggsWho doesn’t enjoy making some eggs on a Sunday morning along with some bacon and toast? Even if that isn’t your cup of tea, how about just an omlette with your preferred choices such as sausage, olives, jalepenos, and cheese as a breakfast option?

However most people think that simply because they’re eating eggs, that guarantees they will be consuming a healthy meal. Often this is not the case and actually it can be quite the opposite. When you tabulate the amount of food that is consumed at a typical breakfast centered around eggs, it can be very easy to surpass an acceptable amount for one single meal.

Fact: one large scrambled egg is 91 calories. However most traditional omelettes are made using three eggs which means a total of 273 calories in just eggs alone and we haven’t even added any drinks or extras.

You Need To Be Careful When Eating Eggs

Does this breakfast include hashbrowns, toast, pancakes, or other additional items in the omelette such as bacon, sausage or even steak chunks? What about the drinks you’re gonna tack on? This is where calorie count starts rapidly increasing without most really taking much notice.

If you plan on adding a number of “extras” to your eggs, you may want to first think of using egg whites only as opposed to the entire egg. Egg whites are only 17 calories per egg so you can save quite a bit if you choose this route. Many supermarkets now offer containers with egg whites only or egg substitute (egg beaters) that you may want to try. These items are usually located in the same section where the eggs are kept.

time for actionAside from the egg choice, you can also consider making other subtle changes in some of the popular breakfast options. For instance trading regular bacon for turkey bacon will create a 30 calorie savings per slice right there. Instead of drinking the 12oz glass of orange juice that had 150 calories, black coffee only has 5 calories or water with zero. Instead of hashbrowns that pack on 200 calories per serving, some fresh fruit slices will only add about 50 calories.

It’s these subtle yet crucial changes in your breakfast selections that can easily take a meal once weighing heavily at 900+ calories down to a more appropriate one with only about 300-400.

The next time you decide on having eggs for breakfast, hopefully you remember that does not guarantee your meal will be healthy. Remember, every single item on the plate or in the glass has a certain specific calorie count. Hopefully you’ll eat an appropriate portion for breakfast and not think that just because eggs are involved that means it’s a healthy meal. It can be very far from that if you’re not careful.

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