What’s the Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

no excusesFor those of you who are just starting to exercise regularly, or maybe contemplating beginning to do so, you may have been wondering what’s the best exercise for weight loss. This information may really help you when trying to decide which exercises to do so you maximize your results during the time you have allotted for your workout.

Regardless of which exercise or activity you choose to start doing on a regular basis, it’s important to always take a slow but steady approach. This is especially true when you are just starting off. You want to ease into a routine that will be regular and consistent so that it becomes part of who you are and what you do. That’s how a habit comes to be. Regularity and consistency.

Find the Best Exercise For Weight Loss But Make Sure you Enjoy the Activity

In addition to that, starting off slow but consistent will help get your body used to the new activity. Regardless of how mentally dedicated you are to the workout/exercise, if your body is not prepared or able to perform, then all the desire in the world is not going to do any good if your body has not been had time to properly adjust to the new routine.

For instance, if you wanted to start playing tennis on a regular basis, don’t go out on the first day and try to play for three hours. If you haven’t played in a really long time, more than likely your hands will get blistered and bloody, your legs tired and sore, and you might even injure something like a wrist, shoulder, ankle, or knee. You will no longer be able to exercise and do the activity you planned to do. This is the last thing you want to happen especially since you are working out in order to lose weight. Think of it this way, injury means stoppage. No longer able to workout and do what you want to do to be physically active.

That’s why it’s so important to take it slow but consistent. There is no need to push your body to the extreme right when you are starting off, especially since you will be exercising regularly for a long time to come. So get your body used to exercising in an appropriate way. Develop that habit.

If you want to go out and play tennis, start by playing just fifteen to thirty minutes, that’s it. Regardless if you still have more energy and possibly not entirely exhausted, call it a session. No more for that day. Just make sure you have an exercise schedule planned where you will be continuing working out four, five, six days a week.

As the weeks pass, you will notice your body becoming stronger and then you can possibly increase the duration of the workout. Increase to workouts from 30 minutes to an hour maybe by your third week of exercising. One hour to 1.5 hours by the seventh week. Possibly 1.5-2 hours by the twelfth week. Again, there’s no one set schedule to follow when it comes to increasing the exercise duration time. You will be the best judge to determine how your body is handling the physical activity and if you are ready to increase the workout intensity and time duration.

The Best Exercise For Weight Loss Often Involves Cardio Based Activities

With that being said, let’s look at a number of common activities and exercises that are popular to do and that offer a great way to get that heartrate going, sweat pouring, and calories burning and you can then decide which will be the best exercise for weight loss that you want.

Each of the activities listed below alongside with the calories burned are for a 30 minute duration. Therefore adjust accordingly if you want to know the total calories burned for shorter or longer time periods. In addition to that, it’s important to note that these calorie amounts are generalizations since the exact amount will vary for everyone due to gender, body size, weight, age, and intensity level during the activity itself. This will help you determine the best exercise for weight loss for you!

Numbers provided gathered from MyFitnessPal and from search engine results and are each based on 30 minutes of duration.

Jogging – 5mph- 459 calories,   7mph- 650 calories,   9mph- 860 calories

Mowing the Lawn – 315 calories

Tennis – 401 calories

wii Tennis – 229 calories

Basketball   – shooting baskets 258 calories,   playing a game 459 calories

Step Aerobics – 487 calories

Biking/Cycle Class – 401 calories

Football – playing catch 143 calories, flag football game 459 calories

Kayaking  – 286 calories

Fishing  – 143 calories

Bowling  – 172 calories

Soccer – game 573 calories, casual 401 calories

Walking the Dog – 189 calories

Walking – very brisk pace – 286 calories

Raquetball – 401 calories

Weightlifting – 172 calories

Beach Volleyball – 459 calories

Volleyball – 172 calories

Baseball – playing catch – 143 calories, playing a game – 292 calories

Calisthenics (pushups, situps, jumping jacks) – 459 calories

Swimming – freestyle laps – 573 calories, leisure – 344 calories

Ping Pong – 229 calories

Snow Shoveling – 355 calories

Zumba DVD Workout – 300-400 calories

Insanity DVD Workout – 450-550 calories

Snow Skiing – 344 calories

Snowboarding – 355 calories

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