The Best and Worst of Your Week

best and worst of your weekReflection is one of the best ways to review the positives and negatives of how something went. It gives you the opportunity to figure out what went well and also decide what may need revision in order to improve the results and outcome.

Question is, how does this fit in a plan to lose weight and get fit?

When you are focused on losing weight, that will be accomplished when you develop and maintain healthy living habits for a prolonged period of time. It’s impossible to put an exact time-frame on the length this process will take you since everyone’s situation is unique and different, but also the amount of effort put forth will vary from person to person.

Therefore instead of focusing on how long it will take to lose the weight you want, put that mental energy into frequent reflection and you’ll find yourself becoming more effective with this process each and every week.

Develop the Habit of Reflecting at the End of Your Day

One of the main reasons why losing weight is so hard to accomplish is that each 24 hour period presents a new set of challenges. In other words, just because one day may have been lived in a healthy manner doesn’t necessarily mean the next one will be exactly the same.

This is where reflection comes into play.

you are what you doWhen you get in the habit of reflecting on how your day went, try to identify where you may have strayed from your initial plan. Think about all your nutritional choices of the day and whether or not appropriate portion sizes were maintained. You can also reflect on the various snacks and drinks you consumed and decide if those were the best choices you could have made.

Be sure to reflect on your exercise commitment also. Did you make it a point to workout even if it was just walking the dog for an hour around the neighborhood? If not, this reflection opportunity can help you figure out how and when you can fit this in at least three times into your weekly schedule.

If you come across aspects of the day you know were not positive and healthy, decide what can be done so the same mishap does not happen repeatedly. This is what you want to prevent from happening and why reflecting on your day is such a beneficial practice to do regularly.

When you get in the habit of constantly reflecting on the choices made during your day, you will find the unhealthy ones will occur less frequently than they were happening in the past. Try to reflect before going to sleep at night and see if it helps you focus more on making healthy choices to guide you through the next day morning to night. Keep this up for a week and see how much of an improvement is made.

If it helps, actually write down your daily agenda the night before so you wake up with a detailed checklist of all the healthy, positive things you want to accomplish that day. Once you have one day under your belt, you’ll be much more inspired to repeat that effort the following day. Pretty soon, healthy habits will emerge and after a month or so, you will have a much better handle on what it takes to lose weight and get into shape.

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Reflection and the Learning Process

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