Test Yourself – Avoid Fast Food For One Week

avoid fast foodGiving up fast food may be the number one obstacle for you to accomplish especially if you have become used to eating this type of food on a regular basis. However if you want to shed those excess pounds and get into better shape, avoiding the fast food spots and restaurants can be one of the most important healthy habits to develop. Therefore, challenge yourself to a mini goal and see if you can avoid fast food, or better yet eating out in general for one whole week.

Seven days is not that hefty of a time-frame to focus on one particular goal, especially if this turns into a lifetime of improved nutrition. That’s what is most important here. You will find that your daily nutrition will be responsible for 70% of your weight loss success so it pays to improve the choices you make on a regular basis and develop healthy eating habits.

Try And Avoid Fast Food For One Week

As shocking as it may sound, one trip to your local McDonald’s or Jack-in-the-Box can easily toss in 2000 or more calories for one single meal. That is far too much to consume at one sitting! If you focus on eating 400-600 calories at each meal you will be able to keep your overall daily calorie count at one that is conducive for weight loss.

It all comes down to numbers, and in this case these numbers mean calories.

For instance, if you eat three meals a day each at 500 calories along with two 100 calorie snacks in-between those meals, you will have a daily count of 1700 calories. That is an entire day of food and drinks that’s likely less than one meal at a fast food or restaurant spot!

Do you see the benefits you can reap if you avoid going to those unhealthy spots and stick with preparing your own food at home?

when you don't even tryGive it an honest effort for an entire week and see what kind of a impact it has on your weight loss commitment. This may very well be the decision that springs you into action and gets you truly working towards achieving your weight loss goal.

It’s important to keep in mind that you still must maintain self-control when preparing food at home. If you aren’t careful, it is still relatively easy to overeat and take in too many calories at home also.

Therefore, even when you cook at home, get in the habit of serving yourself an appropriate portion size and not going for seconds or even worse, thirds. Get in the habit of drinking 2-3 glasses of water throughout your meal to help fill you up quicker which means you won’t feel like eating more food.

You should also get in the habit of immediately packing leftover food into travel containers. Not only will these properly portioned containers now become perfect portable travel lunches you can use for work (or future dinners), but you will also take away the temptation to eat more food. Out of sight, out of mind right?

Give it a try next week and see how well you are able to avoid fast food for a 7 day period. You may surprise yourself with some eye-opening eating habits you may not have considered before.

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