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Wait Don’t Leave The House! Do You Have Food and Snacks With You?

food and snacksSticking with healthy nutrition when you’re away from home can be tough. This is particularly difficult if you leave the house without any food and snacks in your possession. If you’ve made the commitment to improve your health and lose weight, then your daily nutrition is what is going to get you to successfully accomplish this goal.

Instead of making the weight loss process more difficult than it needs to be, give yourself an edge by ensuring every time you leave your house for work or to run errands, you have sustenance for when it’s time to eat.

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Five Healthy Eating Habits To Develop This Week

5 healthy eating habitsLet’s face it, it’s not an easy thing to improve your daily eating habits on a consistent basis. This is especially true if you have been eating in an unhealthy matter for quite some time and are desperately trying to turn this around. Naturally it’s gonna be tough to change your habits and kick the fast food habit if you’re used to eating that daily. Nevertheless, if you have a goal to lose weight, one of the first things you must get a strong handle on is your daily nutrition. Weight loss success is 70% dependent on your nutrition so it’s vital you get a good handle on this first.

Therefore here are five ways you can develop healthy eating habits this week and leapfrog right to the forefront of a healthy lifestyle.

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3 Ways To Increase Your Exercise Motivation

exercise motivationThe role of exercise motivation and three ways to keep you inspired at a peak level. Maintaining an exercise commitment on a continuous basis can be tough. Sure it might not be terribly difficult to get off the couch and go running once or twice a month, but what if you want to truly focus on fitness and get into much better shape? To accomplish this, you will definitely need to stick with an exercise plan 4-6 times per week and this is where the need for motivation comes into play.

Simply put, if you aren’t really motivated to achieve your goal, how can you expect to stick with your plan after the first month or two? If you aren’t inspired to continually fuel your fitness fire, then your efforts may be short-lived and your goal never accomplished.

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Drink Dangers Many People Overlook

drink dangersIf you’re focused on improving your health and losing weight, you are most likely improving the choices of food you eat on a regular basis. However there is also another sneaky snake that continually strikes weight loss seekers many and they are found in the form of drinks.

People often forget the fact that calories are found in most beverages, and sometimes in hefty quantities depending on the type of drink and the size of cup. The calorie range can be quite significant just as the case with food. If you opt with water, you’ll have a total of 0 calories, but if you choose an extra-large soda from your favorite fast food place you’re looking at 500+ calories.

That’s an enormous difference in calories and why it’s so important you make wise, conscientious decisions when it comes to your beverages and avoid the drink dangers.

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Take Time To Reflect On Your Weight Loss Progress

time to reflectIf you are in the process of tackling a new goal in your life such as weight loss it’s important you take time to reflect how the progress is going. This is especially important since taking on a new goal means that definite changes must be made on a continual basis in order for you to be successful.

That’s why it’s important you take time to reflect on how your progress is going. When you take a moment each week to reflect on how the last seven days went, you can then revise your agenda so that the upcoming week is as focused and productive as possible.

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Always Move In A Positive Direction

positive directionAs you focus on improving your health and fitness one thing you should keep in mind is to try and always move in a positive direction. Changing your daily habits to reach a particular goal often presents a number of issues that are sometimes hard to overcome. Don’t expect to have a flawless journey on your first attempt because that will likely not be the case.

Weight loss can be a tough egg to crack. Especially since there are many different opportunities every day to stray away from a healthy agenda. One thing you should remember as you travel this journey is to move in a positive direction.

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Focus on Being Healthy Not Being Skinny

being healthyHere’s one of the most important points to keep in mind if you are longing for weight loss success – don’t focus on being skinny, just focus on being healthy. All too often folks get the notion that the only way to successfully lose weight is to starve yourself and that you must turn out looking like one of the skinny models in the many magazines plastered on newsstands and the supermarket aisles.

Let’s put this nonsense to rest: Don’t focus on being skinny, instead focus on being healthy.

In a nutshell, if you focus each day on your nutrition and exercise plan your weight will take care of itself. The only time problems usually occur is when we allow too much sustenance to enter our body without providing a way to burn off the excess in the form of exercise.

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Get A Morning Workout In Before The Day Takes Over

morning workoutGetting used to a consistent exercise routine can pose quite a challenge for many people. Let’s face it, if you’re not used to exercising on a regular basis then repeatedly forcing yourself to go out and sweat can be rather tough. Getting past the first few initial weeks so this becomes a regular habit is what matters the most. Once this happens, the topic of exercise won’t be an internal struggle any longer.

When it comes to the issue of weight loss, eating healthy and exercising consistently are two of the most important habits to stick with regularly. Unfortunately there are a whole host of other matters that must be taken care of in your life on a daily basis. Sure losing weight sounds like a great idea at 10pm right before going to bed, but once the new day begins, it’s easy to overlook your healthy agenda with the stress of the day. This is why it can often be very difficult to keep exercise at the forefront of your priorities. Here’s where a morning workout can really help get you to stick with a consistent schedule.

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Meal of the Week 37 – Lasagna Rolls

lasagna rolls
Meal of the Week: Turkey Lasagna Rolls w/ Salad
Leftover Meal Idea: Muffin Melts

Here’s a fun way to enjoy lasagna but in a more individualized manner that will help keep calorie count low and in turn help keep you focused on healthy nutrition. Even though portion size and ingredients are a tad different than usual, that in no way sacrifices flavor or taste. If the meal is prepared as outlined below, you should have enough leftover to make some tasty muffin melts that you’ll enjoy for work the next day. Those who desire a vegetarian/meat-less version simply do without the lean ground turkey and opt for an alternative of your liking.

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Care For Your Plastic Travel Containers

travel containersIf you have started to improve your nutrition in an effort to shed those extra pounds, you have likely started cooking healthier meals and serving appropriate portion sizes to eat. That’s the most positive habit to create and if this continues, you’ll eventually lose the weight you want to be rid of.

Aren’t you feeling more healthy cooking and eating appropriate portion sizes as opposed to going out and getting fattening fast foods? Do you remember the bloated, lethargic feeling you used to get after devouring those enormous portions?

Yes, those are signs the choices you are making these days are better and definitely more beneficial for your weight loss progress.

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