Aren’t Salads Healthy?

aren't salads healthySo you opted to eat a salad for lunch today. That is definitely a great improvement from the traditional double bacon cheeseburger, french fries, and soda combo that many choose to get as a lunch option. However before you get too excited about this one healthy decision, let’s take a closer look at what often happens when folks think they’re eating healthy.

Many assume that if they eat a salad for one meal, they can proudly proclaim at the end of that day they ate healthy, but that can be far from the truth. Often “extras” are often tacked on with this healthy option and that’s when the downward spiral begins.

Using the salad as an example, it’s not uncommon to have people add double meat or cheese, extra croutons, not to mention selecting the unhealthiest of dressings such as Caesar or Ranch and putting far too much of it on the salad. Did you know that only 4 tablespoons of Caesar dressing has a whopping 300 calories? More than this amount is commonly used and is the main reason how a salad can often end up with a large calorie total.

Be aware of this the next time you’re automatically thinking aren’t salads healthy and hopefully you’ll keep it truly as a nutritious choice.

…But Aren’t Salads Healthy?

Another issue that often occurs when someone eats a healthy meal such as a salad is since they are under the impression they are eating healthy, they feel as though a reward has been earned and often will splurge on something gluttonous like a giant ice cream sundae or large glass of soda along with a bowl of potato chips.

Say hello to an extra 1,000+ calories right there with that one snacking reward! That’s how quick overeating can happen and why time and time again folks fail in their attempts to lose weight.

start to be greatIf you really want to have success with the weight loss process, naturally you should get rid of all the sugary drinks and junk food that may be littered throughout your kitchen, but you should also strive to end each day with an appropriate calorie total.

Do away with the notion of rewarding yourself with some type of “treat” just because you ate a healthy meal or did some exercise. You are not a dog who needs treats for doing something you should be doing for your health anyways.

motivational tip jarIf you feel the need to give yourself a reward for good behavior make it a monetary one, not something edible. A reward jar you keep on top of your dresser is a great motivational tool you can use. At the end of an entire day of healthy nutrition (including your snacks and drinks) you can put in a $1 or $2 depending on what you decide is appropriate.

After 30 days you can potentially earn $30-$60 or after six months $180-$360! Now imagine what you could treat yourself to with that kind of reward? Much better than the typical edible treat most folks like to give themselves after eating a healthy meal or two.

Don’t take two steps forward just to take two steps back. That won’t do anything beneficial for your weight loss goal except cause you to become frustrated and possibly give up altogether. Hopefully you remember this the next time you’re thinking aren’t salads healthy so your efforts aren’t nullified by the extras added on, or the other treats you feel you’ve earned afterwards.

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