Are Your Kids Junk Food Junkies?

junk foodJust came across a new billboard around the Los Angeles area that reads: “Warning: Soda, sports and juice drinks can lead to childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Water, the healthiest choice”. This brings to light a dangerous yet often overlooked topic many children are facing in their young lives today.

With the prevalence of fast food spots all over the place, the wide variety of sugary drinks and fattening junk food snacks, it’s harder than ever to stick with healthy nutrition on a regular basis.

The lack of healthy nutrition combined with dwindling physical activity is causing many kids ages 5-10 years to gain a substantial amount of weight before they’re even in their teens. Problem is, without proper guidance from the parents, how will anything change? The trend will continue to get worse leading these innocent children into issues they shouldn’t have to deal with this early in their lives.

Watch Out For The Junk Food Your Kids May Be Eating

Since parents are the ones purchasing the soda, chips, juices, and a whole host of other junk food items to stock in their kitchen, nothing will ever change and become more positive unless they take it upon themselves to turn things around.

In other words, if you see a young child with a soda in their hand, the parents were the ones that put it there plain and simple.

childhood obesityThe change must start with the parents. However herein lies the problem. Since nearly 40% of American adults are already overweight or obese according to the CDC, that means almost half of the adults living in this country are already eating in an unhealthy manner. Guess what? Those unhealthy eating habits often transfer directly over to the children of these overweight or obese parents since that’s what they see on a daily basis.

If parents are drinking soda daily, then their children will likely do the same. If parents are snacking on bags of potato chips on the couch at home, their children will likely do the exact same thing.

Therefore if you know you and your family have some unhealthy eating habits, and you’re really concerned for the future health of your children, it’s vitally important that changes be made in the types of items purchased from the supermarket. This can be a great learning experience for your kids to teach them about health and the potential repercussions associated with obesity.

Make this a learning experience for the whole family so that everyone gets involved. This can be a great opportunity to not only develop healthy snacks/drinks to keep stocked at home, but also improve on the types of meals eaten regularly. Start by cutting out the fast food trips or at least start making healthier choices when eating out.

That means instead of a double bacon cheeseburger combo with XL fries and a soda junk food, get a grilled chicken sandwich with fruit/salad, or at the most a small order of french fires and compliment that meal with water. Simply changing that large soda to water will reduce each meal total by almost 500 calories which can add up to quite a bit over time.

These are the types of choices and decisions your children need to see being made on a regular basis so they jump on board with this healthy transition. It will take time, especially if your family has been eating in an unhealthy manner for quite some time now, but stick with it. Don’t give in to their complaints or the whining because that’s unfortunately how many kids get their ways these days. You are the parent in charge of their health and well-being, at least until they are eighteen years.

Make the change that will benefit their future and you can soon proudly say “My kids are not junk food junkies!”

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