What To Do After A Cheat Day

after a cheat dayOh those darn cheat days. The days when we allow too much junk food, snacks, and/or drinks to enter the body. For those that are truly concerned about improving their health, it’s important to know what to do after one of these cheat days occur so that you can immediately get back to business.

Everyone has had the experience of days at some point in their life. You may not call it by this name, but just think of these days when we eat or drink too much. There will always be occasions that arise when we temporarily lose self-control and go overboard in regards to food and drink especially on birthdays and holidays.

Even though once in a while cheat days occur, know that it is not the end of the world. Remember, one day eating healthy will not make you skinny, just as one day eating bad will not make you fat. But do realize that repeatedly overeating will cause weight gain which is why it’s important you re-focus yourself immediately after you have a cheat day so that you do not begin to downward spiral out of control.

It’s Important To Know What To Do After A Cheat Day

So if a cheat day happens in your life, simply acknowledge the fact and get back to your healthy living plan. Depending on what occurred will determine how well you are able to get right back to the plan. In other words, if your cheat day included an all night drinking festival for a friend’s birthday, most likely you will not feel like working out the next day or possibly even for a couple of days.

However, what you can do is start the next day off fresh. Drink plenty of water to help flush out your system of the toxins and “junk” you may have consumed the previous day. You may even want to start the morning off with a nice, healthy fruit smoothie.

bigger snacks means bigger slacksEat small nutritious snacks instead of large meals. Eating a humongous meal will only make you feel more lethargic, bogging your body down trying to digest all that sustenance. Worse yet, eating that much food may cause you to feel sleepy. Nothing is more detrimental than to take a nap right after eating since the body doesn’t have a chance to burn through any of that fuel just consumed.

Guess where the majority of it will end up – as more fat on your body.

Therefore the next time you find yourself the day after a cheat day be sure you re-focus on healthy nutrition. The day after is usually somewhat difficult to get back to a healthy routine since your body had a taste of the unhealthy, but try not to compound the mistake by repeating the lapse in focus.

Acknowledge what happened but then get back to what you know is right so this way a cheat day every so often will not have a truly damaging effect on your health and fitness goal.

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