Accepting Your Size or Ready To Change?

ready to changeActively working on weight loss means that an individual is cognizant of everything they eat throughout the day in addition to focusing on getting some type of physical activity to help burn excess calories from the body. Not only is this person aware of the types of foods and drinks they choose, but more importantly the portion that’s consumed at each sitting.

As can be expected, this process can take some getting used to and often times the weight loss seeker runs into issues when attempting to change their daily living habits to be conducive to losing weight.

Do You Accept Your Current Size or Are You Ready To Change?

This is one of the main reasons why if an individual is content with their condition and not desperately ready to change much in their life, weight loss will not occur. For example, a person not ready to change won’t be willing to drink water instead of soda or juice. The unmotivated person will not run for an hour and instead choose to sit on the couch to watch some TV. The person who is not trying to lose weight won’t avoid the fast food drive thru and prepare a healthy meal at home which means they’ll likely overeat each time they make this choice.

This all comes down to the question you should ask yourself – Are you accepting the condition you’re currently in or are you ready to change that will benefit your health and fitness?

Your answer to this question all depends on how content you are with the shape you’re in. If you’re on the fence determining if it’s time to make a change, ask yourself this question to find out if you’re truly motivated to lose weight, or if you accept how you are right at this moment. Are you really ready to start making some specific changes in how you live your day-to-day life?

Sure it may seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a substantial amount of weight you want to lose, but try not to dwell on the overall target you’re striving for. Think of this as your opportunity to not only improve your health, but other aspects of your life.

inspirationIf you have gained alot of weight over the years, most likely that has been due to the choices of food and beverages consumed, the amount eaten at each meal, and a lack of consistent exercise. Your issue could be with one or more of these important topics, but imagine if all three of these were able to be changed towards the positive direction.

In other words, instead of the double bacon cheeseburger combo with large fries and soda you may eat frequently for dinner, you cook at home such as grilling chicken along with making rice and beans and more importantly, eating just one serving of each.

Instead of drinking 3-5 glasses of soda a day you switch that to water which has zero calories per serving. Instead of sitting on the couch for a couple of hours watching television and snacking on chips, ice cream, or anything else you may find in your kitchen, you go walking or jogging for an hour and then enjoy some tv but this time with a banana (100 calories) and a large glass of water.

Another important point to think about. If you don’t have food with you when you’re away from home (for instance like when you’re at work), what other option will you have but to go out to get something to eat? Usually when we are hungry before a meal, our willpower goes figuratively out the window often resulting in getting an unhealthy option from a fast food spot.

Again, this is when weight gain occurs.

Instead of putting yourself in this situation over and over again, prepare all your meals and snacks at home the night before so your day can truly end up being one you’re proud of. Doing this can really help you out as you work on changing the unhealthy living habits to ones that will be conducive to weight loss.

These are the choices that will have a dramatic impact on your weight loss efforts and help turn your health around.

Even though many folks don’t think about it, there are repercussions aside from bigger pants when alot of weight has been added to the body that wasn’t there before. Your heart will be straining harder each day dealing with the added weight. Your arteries might be getting clogged along with elevated cholesterol levels. Diabetes is always a danger when substantial weight gain combines with a lack of exercise. And the list goes on and on.

Make the change that will have an impact not only on the scale but in your entire life. Once you see all the positive results that come from living in a healthy manner, you will likely shake your head in disgust wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

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