Welcome To A New Healthy Year

healthy new yearIt’s hard to believe the year 2015 is upon us already! Hopefully you had a delightful holiday season with family and friends celebrating the Christmas and New Year holiday. Now that the festivities are over and all the holiday get-togethers, office parties, and family functions are behind us, we can now re-focus energies on health and fitness goals.

However before you take on a new plan, it’s a good idea to take a moment and reflect on last year’s health and fitness accomplishments. What were the positive steps you made in creating and maintaining a healthy life? What are some of the negatives that still need to be worked on and corrected?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you will then have specifics you can focus on here in January to start out this new year and then revise as the weeks progress. Even if you made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get in shape, but have had a disastrous first two weeks, don’t worry about that at all. No need to dwell on the past, let’s simply get started now.

Are You Going To Have A Healthier Year Than The Last?

Remember the KEY to losing weight will be found at the end of your fork. Seventy percent of weight loss success is dependent on the types, and more importantly amounts of food you consume on a daily basis. Therefore it’s imperative you make it a point to really focus on your nutrition.

If you haven’t had much success eating in a healthy manner, one of the best ways to remedy this is to take advantage of our new section Healthy Meals of the Week section. Here’s the perfect opportunity to not only start creating your own personal arsenal of healthy meals, but you will start developing the more important healthy habit of cooking for yourself on a regular basis.

This is especially important if you have been a regular fan of fast food, restaurants, or pizza spots. Do your body and wallet a favor this year and start preparing some delicious meals at home. Best yet, by cooking at home you can easily prepare a bit extra so that you will have leftovers for the next day.

healthy meals of the weekTake a glance at one of the meals we have and you’ll find complete ingredient lists, step-by-step directions along with pictures, plus a healthy leftover idea you can use to change it up a bit for lunch the following day –> Healthy Meals of the Week

If there’s one component of the weight loss process that you should truly focus on it’s this – your daily nutrition. Once you have this under your belt, the rest of the weight loss process won’t feel so impossible anymore. It just takes a little courage to try something new and the willingness to stick with it for awhile.

Give it a try, see where this takes you, and get ready for a new healthy year.