Make A Motivational Calendar With A Fun Reward

motivational calendarAny of you who have taken on a goal to lose weight and get in shape may have encountered a difficult struggle. Let’s face it, being lazy and eating anything you want while sitting on the couch is simple to do. No wonder why more than 35% of adults are overweight or obese, and unfortunately that statistic is continuing to rise.

However, if you are determined not to be grouped in that category and are ready to do something about it, then you must be willing to deal with your daily nutrition along with some type of exercise routine.

Since weight loss success is 70% dependent on the food and drinks you consume, this is often the aspect people have the most trouble improving.

If you’re having difficulty keeping your nutrition in check, one of the best ways to help you stay focused on your healthy eating plan is to create a motivational calendar complete with a short-term reward.

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Here’s How To Make A Motivational Calendar With A Fun Reward

Here’s how it works. First decide on the time frame you want to set for your nutritional mini-goal. In other words, how many days do you want to eat healthy until you get rewarded for all your efforts?

It’s recommended when just starting out to begin with 3-7 day increments. Once you are successful with the very short-term goals, you can gradually increase the duration to 7-14 days, and eventually tackle one month at a time.

The reward you establish for yourself can be one of your “favorite” foods you gave up to help lose weight. But keep in mind the reward should still be a controlled one. In other words if you are rewarding yourself with ice cream, just have one or two scoops, not an entire gallon.

Some tips to help keep this process effective:

inspirational calendar1) Use a wall calendar tacked up in a visible area you’ll see daily. A store bought calendar or one you create on your own would suffice. Be sure to keep a pen or marker attached to a string so it’s easy to mark off everyday. You can also attach motivational pictures, quotes, and even your overall goal.

2) Mark the starting and ending days for your first healthy eating challenge with something bold and bright like a giant star or even a sticker.

3) Each day you eat healthy for its entire duration (snacks included) write a giant H in that box. You can use this same calendar to keep track of your weekly workouts too.

4) As the week/month progresses, your motivation will increase as you start filling the calendar with more and more healthy (H) days.

5) If you do encounter days when you weren’t particularly “healthy”, reflect on the experience to see what happened or why you strayed from the plan. Was it a special occasion such as someone’s birthday or other celebration? If not, then determine why you went astray and revise your calendar along with your mini-goal.

Remember, this calendar is meant to help keep healthy nutrition at the forefront of all decisions related to food and drink. However nothing will truly help unless YOU are willing to stick with it and give your best effort.

If you continue to eat and drink in an unhealthy manner and not get any type of exercise, then naturally nothing in regards to improving your health will happen and weight gain will likely continue.

Use a motivational calendar and you will see how it truly helps keep healthy nutritional decisions as a top priority.

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