Develop A Healthy Plan For The Week

healthy plan for the weekAs anyone who has ever tried to tackle the weight loss issue, one of the hardest things to transform is changing the unhealthy habits on a consistent basis. This can be especially true if you’ve become used to living in an unhealthy manner for quite a while now.

Therefore if you truly want to have success in this endeavour, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by developing a healthy plan for the week. Before you scoff at this idea and think this will take far too much time to do, just give it a chance and you will see how beneficial this can be for turning your living habits around.

Let’s face it, the manner in how we live each and every day will have a direct impact on the number that pops up on the scale. True, overeating once in a while is not going to make you immediately “fat”, but if you happen to overeat on a regular basis then naturally that will cause you to accumulate more weight than you probably want.

This is definitely a habit you will need to address as soon as possible.

Here’s Why A Healthy Plan For The Week Will Help Immensely

One of the reasons why having a healthy plan for the week is so beneficial is because it puts your daily living habits at the forefront of all your decisions particularly in regards to nutrition and exercise. In the past you may not have paid much attention to the types of foods and drinks you were consuming, or tracking how often you exercised during any given week. However this may be one of the reasons why you may have gained some excess weight so it makes sense in order to help change this around, a healthy plan for the week can guide you through your daily choices.

no excusesBy constantly thinking about the various decisions you make in any given day, you are now putting strict emphasis on these choices in an effort to make better decisions in the end. When you repeatedly get used to this habit, that is when the changes will become more permanent and no longer be a tug of war issue.

At first this process may feel awkward and somewhat difficult to get used to. For example, if you have never cooked for yourself before, or if you’ve avoided actually using the appliances other than the refrigerator in the kitchen, then it’s going to take a bit of time to get used to this.

You may need to get some step-by-step directions from someone who knows their way around the kitchen. If there isn’t anyone you can learn from then checking out a book from the library, ordering one from Amazon, or using an online resource such as our Healthy Meals of the Week section can offer you great places to start creating wonderful, nutritious meals you will enjoy.

This one decision alone will be much more beneficial than opting for the typical fast food or pizza delivery option. Therefore, for now let’s focus on your healthy plan for the week and see how much of an impact this will have on your weight loss results.

On a Sunday afternoon or evening, take a moment to plan out the meals and you will make for the next seven days. If a seven-day block of time seems overwhelming to start with, just take the work week (five-day) block of time to start with.

With this plan, think of everything you will eat/drink from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. This REALLY matters and will make a humongous difference in the upcoming week how you deal with your nutritional choices which directly impacts your weight.

Sample Healthy MenuTake a moment to figure out what you’ll have for breakfast in the morning for the week. Keep it simple and stick with what’s healthy. Cereal with non fat milk with banana slices, or oatmeal with raisins and some fruit are two ways you can start your morning off right. Avoid juice along with soda since they both have way too much sugar and useless calories. Stick with black coffee, teas, or 0 calorie water options to keep that breakfast at an appropriate calorie amount to start your day off right.

The next part of your plan should include the options you will take with you to work both for lunch and snacks in between. This is vital to ensure you stick with appropriate nutrition while you are away at work. The number one reason why folks stray from a healthy agenda is due to the fact they don’t take healthy snacks and travel lunches with them to work and have to resort to going out to eat.

Naturally this will often lead to unhealthy fast food choices and/or excessive portion sized meals from restaurants/cafeterias both not conducive to weight loss. Don’t leave yourself open to this temptation or lunchtime dilemma. If you simply take a moment while at home to prepare snacks and travel lunches in plastic containers, taking these items with you before you leave the house will become second-nature to you once you get used to the routine.

Lastly, once you’ve made it this far, don’t lose focus when it comes to your dinner. Also don’t contemplate the notion that since you ate healthy for 2/3 of the day you now deserve anything your heart desires for dinner. Giving in to that temptation will completely nullify all your efforts thus far and take you back to square one.

Again this is why your healthy plan for the week is such a valuable ally as you get used to changing your nutrition around. You can do this if you are willing to try new things, and break the bad habits that may have governed your life for some time. Allow the process to take over and slowly but surely you will retrain your mind and body to crave only healthy, nutritious items that will produce the weight loss you are looking for.

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