46% Of California Adults Are Pre-Diabetic

pre-diabeticOn the KTLA news the other day they announced a UCLA study that found 46% of California adults are pre-diabetic. This came as a blatant shock to me since that statistic basically means one out of every two adults are in danger of becoming diabetic. If things are this bad in 2016 what do you think will be the statistic by 2020 if little is done to change eating habits and exercise commitment?

After hearing this Health Smart news report, the following day I paid particular attention to the pedestrians on the sidewalk as driving to work. The sad part about what I observed was the fact that I saw far more overweight and obese individuals than I saw those who were fit. In one group that crossed the street directly in front of me, out of the 15 people 10 were overweight, five of them morbidly obese.

Watch Out, 46% Of California Adults Are Pre-Diabetic!

It’s a very dangerous game playing with weight like this especially these days when fast food and all the unhealthy snacks that are so prevalent around us. An individual who has completely lost self-control and continually splurges on large amounts of food and drinks will continue to pack on the pounds causing more health risks associated with all this extra weight.

If you refuse to be one who falls into this pre-diabetic category, you must take control of your daily nutrition. That is the most important fact to come to terms with.

We can’t point the finger at fast food places since they aren’t forcing us to go inside and eat their food. We can’t blame the donut shop from selling those sugary treats because folks willingly go inside and spend their money.

Don’t look for a scapegoat when it comes time to own up to your weight situation.

body keeps an accurate journalJust look at how long the soda and potato chip aisles are in your local supermarket. That’s a telltale sign as to how unhealthy snacking tendencies have become. Guess what, if people didn’t buy these items companies would be forced to change their direction and create items the public wanted.

However, as you can readily tell from driving around town or entering a market, unhealthy stuff is plastered all around us.

I used to be a heavy soda drinker and devour bags upon bags of potato chips. That was MY fault not the companies who made those products. I had no self-control and for a time did not take into account what would happen if I continued to eat in this manner without getting any exercise.

Times have changed, and I no longer eat or drink that junk. I probably have a glass of soda once a month now and I don’t really care for it that much anymore. Water has now become my drink of choice.

I’m even immensely better when it comes to potato chips. I haven’t purchased a bag of those things in over two years. The only time I have a few is if I’m visiting a friends house or attending a function where they happen to be table-side snacks.

If you do not want to be in that 46% pre-diabetic club the KTLA news was referring to, you have to take a proactive role in your daily nutrition and weekly exercise routine. Don’t leave it to chance that things will change because unless you start making some healthy life changes, most likely nothing will improve.

You have the power to make a difference in what direction your life will take. hopefully you do not want to be in the pre-diabetic 46% club. If you are already one of its members, work diligently to get yourself out of that through healthy eating habits and a consistent exercise routine.

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