31 Workouts In 31 Days

31 workouts in 31 daysAt first when you hear the words 31 workouts in 31 days you may assume this feat was accomplished by working out every single day consecutively for a month straight with no break. Surprise, surprise, this was not the case in this scenario.

In actuality, after these 31 workouts in 31 days were completed, there was still a total of 11 days completely free from any type of physical activity during that time period.

Funny thing is, this personal challenge didn’t actually develop until mid-month when I looked at my monthly calendar tacked to the wall and tallied how many exercises I had completed up to that point. Using a monthly wall calendar is a very easy, simple way to keep track of a number of important happenings going on in your life, including the days you exercise and workout.

How About Challenging Yourself To 31 Workouts In 31 Days

For this challenge I determined a workout would need to be at least one hour in duration with some type of elevated heart rate activity. To help maintain inspiration to get the same number of workouts as there were days in the month, diversifying my activities really helped me stick with it. The activities I alternated between were tennis, Bootcamp classes, running, and walking.

Whenever I finished working out, I would write the initial for the exercise in the corner of the box for that particular day. If I went running with my dog in the morning, I wrote a capital R in the box, Bootcamp class at night was a capital B, etc.

write on your calendarI used the same blue marker each time when marking my calendar to help keep everything looking uniform. Plus doing it this way helped make it much easier to glance at the calender and see exactly how my exercise progress was coming along or see if there were large gaps of space in between workouts. Three days in a row was the longest I went without working out.

If you’ve never used a monthly wall calendar, you may really find them to be a useful tool to help you focus on a particular goal you want to strive to achieve. Try one out sometime and see if it helps you stick with healthy living habits like proper nutrition and a regularly occurring exercise routine.

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