Use These 3 Organizing Tips If You’re Frazzled With The Mess

3 organizing tipsIf you have to deal with an unorganized mess either at the workplace or at home, it can be rather difficult and uninspiring to get anything productive done. Being organized not only helps inspire creativity and the desire to actually want to be there, but your work becomes more fluid. When your area is organized you won’t have to spend frustrating minutes, or maybe even hours, searching for something you need to use because it’s misplaced in the mess.

Therefore here are three organizing tips you can use to help improve your current situation and turn your space into an organized paradise. Once you start with these three recommendations, you may get inspired with other ideas to help you be even more organized.

Use These 3 Organizing Tips To Fix The Messy Workplace

Organizing Tips #1: Start From Scratch
One of the first items of business you need to take care of is to start from scratch. Whether it’s a home office space, your area at work, or maybe even a spot you have in the garage designated as your own personal workplace, it’s important to start at the very beginning.

Clear the entire place of everything that’s currently there. Set all the items away either on the floor or on a separate table so you can go through each and every item to determine what actually needs to be there.

Depending on your situation and how many things you actually have, you may want to start making two piles. In one pile put the items that must stay, and the other pile put the other things that do not belong or need to be placed elsewhere. However don’t put anything back into your workplace yet. Right now you are only deciding what needs to stay and what doesn’t belong any longer. Don’t forget to empty those drawers and cabinets too!

healthy livingOrganizing Tips #2: Give The Area A Good Cleaning
A clean area inspires a desire to be there, whereas a chaotic mess makes a person cringe every time they have to be there. Which do you think will be more beneficial for your productivity? Once you have all the items completely separate from your workplace including all the drawers and storage areas, get some cleaning supplies to go over every nook and cranny from top to bottom. Lysol spray, cleaning wipes, Windex along with some good scrubbers and towels will come in really handy right about now. You’ll be amazed at the difference once you’re finished with a good cleaning. Don’t forget the floor and any cabinet space you might have hanging on the wall or on the floor next to your workplace area.

Organizing Tips #3: Organizers Are Your Friends
Once you have completely cleared the area in question and gave it a thorough cleaning, it’s now time to decide how you want to organize the items that are to remain. This is the point where you need to realize that organizers are your friends. Organizers don’t solely take the form of paper trays and file cabinets. There are a whole host of creative, useful items that can really improve your organization which also leads into higher productivity.

For instance a monthly wall calendar is perfect to help keep track of important events or outline tasks you need to complete be certain dates. Another helpful tool is a small dry erase board, or better yet, a small dry erase board with a cork board attached. This will give you the ability to jot down ideas/tasks you need to do along with tacking up any important papers, letters, or notices you may need to deal with.

Hopefully you use these organizing tips to help improve your workplace either at home or your workplace. In about an hour you’ll see an enormous difference that will help inspire you to want to work in your newly cleaned (and organized) area.

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