3 Grocery Shopping Tips For Weight Loss

grocery shopping tipsGoing grocery shopping can seem like an innocent outing for a chance to restock your kitchen full of all the food and drinks you and your family will consume over the next week or two. However, for those of you who are concerned about your weight and are currently focusing on improving your health and fitness, here are some important grocery shopping tips you should use to help prevent your supermarket experience from turning into an unhealthy excursion.

Most of us realize that potato chips, soda, cookies, crackers, pies, cupcakes, and ice cream are not healthy to eat on a regular basis. However time and time again these items get purchased and the companies who make these products are well aware of this habit since they seem to create new concoctions on a monthly basis.

To help stay focused as you stroll up and down the aisles at your supermarket, here are 3 specific grocery shopping tips you can use to keep this experience as positive and healthy as possible. Give them a try the next time you go shopping and you may be surprised at not only how healthy your choices are, but how much lower your bill will be at the end of the excursion. Saving money and eating healthy at the same time. What could be better than that?

Here Are 3 Golden Grocery Shopping Tips For Weight Loss

1) Make a Shopping List and Stick To It
One of the most important tips you should always get in the healthy habit of doing is to make a grocery list prior to entering the supermarket. Not only does having a list in hand force you to focus on specific items to purchase to make meals for the week, but with a list in hand you will purchase just those items. Since you are concerned about healthy eating habits, that means the junk food items will not be on the list so guess what, you won’t be adding those items to your shopping basket.

When making your grocery list think about 3-5 meals your family would like to eat for the upcoming week. Make sure to check your current inventory to see what you already have so you don’t spend money on unnecessary items. When it comes to the meal itself, you may want to purchase a bit extra so you will have leftovers for dinner the following night or for work/school lunches. For example, if you’re planning to make pasta with turkey meatballs, buy an extra bag of noodles and extra bottle of sauce and prepare it all at once. You can then either freeze the leftovers for a future date, or pack in plastic travel containers for work the next day. Saves you from cooking a future meal or worrying about what’s for lunch.

2) Go Shopping On A Full Stomach
body keeps a journalAnother one of the important grocery shopping tips you should always get in the habit of following is to make sure you go shopping on a full stomach. It may sound a bit humorous, but shopping on a full stomach really helps prevent a person from making impulse choices when walking up and down the aisles. When you are hungry, walking by the potato chip aisle may be far too tempting and you’ll end up tossing a couple of bags into your cart. Give it a try the next time you go shopping and you’ll be amazed at how much less you’ll buy by the end of your excursion. If you have no food handy to eat before going into the market, the second best trick is to drink a large bottle/glass of water since the water will also fill you up and help take away the hunger cravings. This is another top grocery shopping tips you should always use!

3) Avoid The “Dangerous” Aisles
Finally, try to avoid the “bad” areas if you can. You probably already know exactly where those spots are. Usually grocery stores will have an entire sections devoted to soda, guess what? Don’t go down that aisle at all! They also usually have a half an aisle for potato chips. Yep, don’t go down that one either. Think of these areas as danger zones and since you don’t want to step on the land mines of weight gain, avoid those spots like the plague.

Adhere to these 3 golden grocery shopping tips for weight loss every time you go to the supermarket and you will take a giant step closer to gaining complete control over your nutrition. Since daily nutrition is responsible for 70% of weight loss success, you should do everything in your power to get a good handle on this. Stick to your grocery list, shop on a full stomach, avoid the dangerous sections and you’ll have a much healthier experience at the supermarket.

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