Make 10 Meal Portions From $20 Worth of Food

meal portionsIf you are looking for a simple yet healthy way to prepare quick travel lunches, you need not look anywhere else but right here. Following the example listed below you will find that you can make 10 meals from only about $20 worth of food, with each portion less than 500 calories.

Where on earth can you eat a healthy meal for only $2 per serving? Better yet, all these meals can be prepared at the same time and when stored properly, you will have everything you need to take with you as you head out the door for work in the morning.

No more worrying about what to eat when you’re at work, no more wasteful spending when away from home. If you truly want to have success losing weight and getting into better shape it’s time to ditch the fast food lunchtime habit. When you think about it, not only will you likely spend far too much for a single meal eating out but you’ll likely take in too much. Unless that excess is worked off later, you will have unfortunately gained some weight.

Making 10 Meal Portions From $20 Worth of Food

Plus, if you continually shell out around ten dollars for lunch, that adds up to quite a bit of extra money over time that could have been spent elsewhere.

When you stick with healthy portions at each meal and keep the calorie count for your day at an amount that’s appropriate, that is when you will grasp control of your nutrition and will make a dent each day in your overall weight.

10 meal portionsHere’s a great way to start. Take the time to prepare the meal along with leftover ideas as listed below. Afterwards you will see how easy it is to do this on a regular basis (possibly once a week) so your refrigerator will always be packed with healthy lunch choices. This will hopefully inspire you to think of other meal ideas you can prepare once a week that can potentially yield 10+ meal portions which will last you for a number of days depending on how many mouths in your family you have to feed.

For this meal a 2.5 pound pot roast was purchased for $11 along with 5 small red potatoes for $1.50 and a 1 pound bag of carrots for $1. After marinating the meat, dicing the potatoes and carrots and putting it all in an oven pan with a 1/2 cup of water and covering with the lid for 90 minutes. Presto a savory pan that you and your family will enjoy.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! The leftover slices of meat are what’s going to provide you with easy-to-whip-together meals. The food listed above cost only $13 but like previously mentioned, a total of $20 was needed to create all 10 meal portions. Therefore an additional $7 was spent on a small bag of shredded mozzarella cheese ($2.49), a loaf of multi-grain 45 calorie per slice bread ($3), and some spinach ($1.50).

With these additional items you can now put together some extremely tasty pot roast sandwiches. All you have to do is dice up the pot roast slices into very small pieces. If preferred, add a few squirts of Tapatio (or other desired hot sauce) on one slice of bread, then add a handful of diced meat, top with a couple pinches of shredded cheese, and finally some spinach. Cover with the other slice of bread and carefully wrap in a piece of aluminum foil.

When you are ready to eat this delicious sandwich for lunch, simply unwrap and place on top of a napkin/paper towel in the microwave for 30 seconds and it’s all ready to go. When you tie this sandwich in with a piece of fruit and 20 ounce bottle of water, you will be surprised at how full you will feel afterwards. Plus, these meal portions are a million times healthier than an extra large bacon cheeseburger combo with fries and a soda.

Give this a try when you get a chance and hopefully you will see what kind of positive impact preparing healthy travel lunches can have on your nutrition especially when you have to go to work. Focusing on your nutrition throughout an entire day is what will truly give you success with your weight loss efforts.

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