Healthy Meal of the Week 6 With Healthy Leftover Idea

healthy meal of the week 6
Healthy Meal: Chicken Alfredo
Healthy Leftover Idea: Tossed Chicken Salad

If you love pasta and chicken, here’s an easy way to enjoy both at the same time. Best yet, when you maintain an appropriate portion size, you will have a meal that’s right around 400 calories. Remember to drink water with your meal so you don’t add unnecessary calories to the total.

As a healthy leftover idea, aside from packing a portion of the same chicken alfredo meal to enjoy the following day, a simple way to create something different is making a tossed chicken salad.

If you do opt to make a salad, just be leery of the dressing you choose since this is the one aspect many people forget to take into account. Stay away from Caesar and Ranch dressings since they pack way too many calories and fat that can ruin a healthy salad. Fat free Italian or light oil and vinegar is the way to go when it comes to salad dressings.

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Identify What Gives You The Most Trouble With Weight Loss

trouble with weight lossAll too often those seeking to lose weight stumble along the path and may get discouraged or frustrated with the entire process. It’s understandable especially since successfully losing weight takes consistent effort repeated for months or possibly even years depending ont he condition the person is in.

That’s why to help you stay focused on track, it’s important to identify what is causing you the most trouble with weight loss and work to fix that particular problem. Once you know specifically what’s creating the most havoc preventing you from having more success, you can then take the necessary steps to remedy the issue.

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Successfully Navigating Through The Weight Loss Minefield

weight loss minefieldAnyone who has attempted to lose weight may have found it difficult especially when starting out for the very first time. But don’t worry, this is actually expected and is generally the case for anyone new to the weight loss process.

That’s why it’s important you realize that to be successful navigating through the weight loss minefield, you will have to constantly be on alert for potential dangers that lie in your path as you live your daily life. Trouble is, you won’t just find dangers within the first week or two of your journey, but literally scattered throughout the entire path. However, as you get better at recognizing what is considered unhealthy, you will realize the danger more rapidly and be able to steer clear of the pitfalls more effectively.

The most common dangers you’ll find within the weight loss minefield will be in the form of food and drinks. These are the subtle dangers you’ll encounter 5-7 times per day for the rest of your life.

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Focus Exercise: The Push-up

exercise focus the pushupOne of the most basic exercises everyone should be familiar with is the push-up. This is a great way to get an upper body workout without needing to use any weights or additional equipment. The push-up, when properly done, targets the main muscle groups in the chest, arms, shoulders, and back.

Push-ups can be done wherever there’s enough space to stretch out indoors or outdoors on a level surface. Even if you do not possess the strength to initially do push-ups in the proper form, you can start off in a compensated or assisted position (with the knees on the ground) which will help you develop muscle strength without unnecessarily straining and potentially injuring yourself.

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Healthy Meal of the Week 4 With Healthy Leftover Idea

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