Figuring Out What Causes The Most Trouble With Weight Loss

trouble with weight lossAs anyone who has attempted to lose weight and failed, this process can unfortunately lead to frustration and low self-esteem. This can especially be true if you’ve had repeated failures over the years trying to lose weight.

Instead of dealing with this repetitive cycle that does nothing but diminish your overall confidence and motivation, let’s focus on what can be done to improve your results so you can start making positive progress towards your weight loss goal.

What’s crucial you take to heart is that losing weight is a slow process. Toss out the idea of dropping 30 pounds in 2 weeks for that’s just not going to happen. This is one of the most common misunderstandings most weight loss seekers have and fail to come to terms with the honest truth.

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Healthy Snack – Mixed Fruit

healthy snack mixed fruitEveryone has long-heard about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables not just once a month, or even once a week, but on a daily basis. But the problem is all too often the majority of us get into a habit of opting for quick and unhealthy ways to quench our appetite between meals. Usually this is in the form of a large bag of potato chips, 20oz bottle or soda, or one of the many famous milk chocolate candy bars.

However do you realize how damaging these types of snacks are to the body? The immediate influx of sugar alone should be should be cause for concern especially if you are overweight or borderline diabetic.

Strictly stating facts, a one 20 ounce bottle of coke has 67.5 grams of sugar. If that amount is hard to envision, think of that amount as sixteen teaspoons or 1/4 cup of sugar! Hopefully you keep that mental image in mind the next time you think about popping open a bottle of soda. Imagine what it would look like to pour a 1/4 cup of sugar into a 20 ounce drink and you can probably realize that is not going to be healthy for your body in any sort of way.

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Beware of Casual Snacking

beware of casual snackingWhen we snack on food and drinks between meals, for those that are focused on losing weight, this is particularly the time that needs to be carefully monitored. Even though you may associate snacking with something small and rather insignificant, more often than not, snacking episodes can rival the calorie intake of an entire lunch or dinner meal.

You can imagine how damaging this would be to a person whose goal is to lose weight, and why paying particular attention to the snacks that are consumed is crucial for weight loss success.

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Healthy Meal of the Week 13 With Healthy Leftover Idea

healthy meal of the week 13
Healthy Meal of the Week: Tom’s Beef Stew
Leftover Idea: Stew Quesadillas

This idea was provided by my dad (Tom) who occasionally enjoys making this recipe for our family. I’ve always loved this meal growing up, and finally asked him for his specific recipe. My father graciously parted with his concoction and last night I put it to the test to see if what he wrote down actually came out tasting like the usual. Thankfully it did!

Even though this meal takes a total of 6 hours to cook, in all actuality the majority of the work is all taken care of by the crock pot. Your initial prep time will only be about 20 minutes to cook the meat, slice up the potatoes and carrots, along with opening the various cans to pour into the cooking container. Once that is done, and you turn on your crockpot, you can relax and simply stir occasionally if you desire.

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