Staying In Relative Control This Holiday Season

holiday seasonIt’s that time of year again. Right around the start of November as the weather starts to get cooler and decorations start popping up, along with this festive mood comes all those holiday season goodies. Most figure that on Thanksgiving and Christmas they will overeat and that’s what typically happens for the most part. However what many people overlook is that during the entire holiday season starting from early November through the first week in January there are a whole host of distractions that can easily throw an individual who is trying to lose weight completely off track.

If you have been diligently working on losing weight, you have most likely been focusing on eating more nutritiously while at the same time being mindful of the portion size consumed at each meal. These are excellent areas to focus on since these two alone can be the most powerful predictors of weight loss success.

During the holiday season it’s extremely easy to get carried away and start devouring anything and everything that’s in sight especially if the presentation catches your eye.

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Healthy Question of the Week 11

healthy question of the week 9

Dear HealthyChoicesInLife,

With the holidays rapidly approaching I wanted to know how you deal with all the festivities and have fun, while at the same time stick with a weight loss plan? It always seems that come November my whole nutritional and exercise plan goes completely out the window and I end up eating and drinking far too much all the way through to the middle of January.

Please help give me some tips I can use this year.


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Healthy Meal of the Week 35 With Healthy Leftover Idea

healthy meal of the week 35
Healthy Meal of the Week: Crock Pot Ham
Healthy Leftover Idea: Ham Omelette Melt

Here’s another crock pot (slow cooker) meal idea tied directly to the holidays that is simple to make yet yields a tasty ham your family will truly enjoy. You can even pick and choose items from this meal along with last week’s to really have a wonderful spread at your dinner table or for your next family function. As for the leftover idea, this is the first breakfast idea presented here but can easily be used for a nice lunch treat too! Many people enjoy breakfast-type dishes throughout the day so here’s an easy way to use any of the leftover ham in a tasty omelette melt.

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Are Your Kids Junk Food Junkies?

junk foodJust came across a new billboard around the Los Angeles area that reads: “Warning: Soda, sports and juice drinks can lead to childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Water, the healthiest choice”. This brings to light a dangerous yet often overlooked topic many children are facing in their young lives today.

With the prevalence of fast food spots all over the place, the wide variety of sugary drinks and fattening junk food snacks, it’s harder than ever to stick with healthy nutrition on a regular basis.

The lack of healthy nutrition combined with dwindling physical activity is causing many kids ages 5-10 years to gain a substantial amount of weight before they’re even in their teens. Problem is, without proper guidance from the parents, how will anything change? The trend will continue to get worse leading these innocent children into issues they shouldn’t have to deal with this early in their lives.

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Tasty Cranberry Sauce Recipe

cranberry sauce recipeHere’s a holiday treat you can use for either the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas, or even New Year’s. Heck, you may like it so much you’ll prepare it for each and every wintertime function you and your family have. Don’t be surprised after the first time you make this dish your friends and family start asking you to consistently bring it and may even start calling you the “Cranberry Woman” or the “Cranberry Dude”:-)

Not only are cranberries great anti-oxidants for the body and extremely low in calories, but they also help lower the risk of getting urinary tract infections, along with helping prevent certain types of cancers, lower blood pressure, and improve the function of the immune system. Lots of benefits there, so aside from taking a cranberry extract supplement regularly, here’s a fun and tasty way to get a good source of cranberries right alongside your healthy dinner.

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Fast Food Is NOT The Reason For Obesity!

fast food not reason for obesityOn the KTLA news the other day, reporters referred to a study conducted by Cornell University Food & Brand Lab published in Obesity Science and Practice. They found that fast food and junk food aren’t the reasons why more than 40% of adults in this country are overweight or obese. Naturally these foods are for the most part unhealthy for the body, especially since they pack an enormous caloric punch, the study finds the main reason for weight gain comes down to overeating.

In other words, taking in too many calories than the body needs to function effectively. When this happens, the excess calories are packed away onto the body in the form of fat. If you overeat on a regular basis, which many people do, the only alternative that will happen is the number on the scale will increase bit by bit, week by week.

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Healthy Meal of the Week 34 With Leftover Idea

Healthy Meal of the Week: Crock Pot Turkey Meal Healthy Leftover Idea: Turkey Thanksgiving Delights In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a fantastic meal utilizing the handy-dandy crock pot, aka slow cooker, that makes it a breeze preparing a delicious tasting turkey. To top it off, below you’ll find a fabulous homemade cranberry sauce […]


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Healthy Question of the Week 10

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