Putting The Healthy Routine In Cruise Control

healthy routineWhen one of your main concerns is improving your health, the toughest hurdles to get over will likely be changing the amounts of food you eat and getting a consistent form of exercise.

Even though these aspects of the weight loss process may not seem terribly difficult, understand that the number one reason why people fail in achieving their health and fitness goal is that they’re not willing to stick with a daily calorie amount that is appropriate for their body and workout regularly.

This is why in order to get your healthy routine to a point where it’s basically worry-free and in cruise control, you have to get your entire day running smoothly from morning to night.

Unfortunately one of the easiest things to do is to overeat. It’s so simple especially when we’re faced with numerous eating moments each and every day, meaning there are many opportunities to take in too many calories. This is especially true if you’ve become accustomed to eating a certain amount of food at meals.

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Aren’t Salads Healthy?

aren't salads healthySo you opted to eat a salad for lunch today. That is definitely a great improvement from the traditional double bacon cheeseburger, french fries, and soda combo that many choose to get as a lunch option. However before you get too excited about this one healthy decision, let’s take a closer look at what often happens when folks think they’re eating healthy.

Many assume that if they eat a salad for one meal, they can proudly proclaim at the end of that day they ate healthy, but that can be far from the truth. Often “extras” are often tacked on with this healthy option and that’s when the downward spiral begins.

Using the salad as an example, it’s not uncommon to have people add double meat or cheese, extra croutons, not to mention selecting the unhealthiest of dressings such as Caesar or Ranch and putting far too much of it on the salad. Did you know that only 4 tablespoons of Caesar dressing has a whopping 300 calories? More than this amount is commonly used and is the main reason how a salad can often end up with a large calorie total.

Be aware of this the next time you’re automatically thinking aren’t salads healthy and hopefully you’ll keep it truly as a nutritious choice.

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5 Steps To Weight Loss Success

5 steps to weight loss sucessAre you looking for a straightforward, no BS approach to weight loss? Look no further for if you follow these 5 steps to weight loss success exactly as outlined below, you will shed that excess weight and eventually get into the shape you’ve been longing to be in.

Just remember, all the tips and advice in the world will be meaningless unless you are willing to give them a try and stick with it. Drastic weight loss does not happen overnight which is one of the main reasons why folks fail to meet their goal because of the amount of time it takes to lose 30, 50, or even 80+ pounds.

However if you are willing to change some of your current living habits, and truly stick with it for more than a month, then you will find that bad habits can be changed into ones that will have a positive impact on your health and your body.

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Rejuvenate Your Exercise Routine

rejuvenate your exerciseIf you’re having trouble sticking with a consistent workout routine, or if you’re finding yourself getting bored with what you’re currently doing, it’s time to rejuvenate your exercise routine.

Exercise plays a very important role in the weight loss process. Even though healthy nutrition is responsible for 70% of weight loss success, the role exercise plays helps to not only burn away the excess “stuff” from our bodies but it also helps you maintain the motivation needed to stick with the lengthy process of losing weight.

As anyone who has started and quit this process before will concur, successfully shedding weight takes a hefty amount of daily dedicated effort especially if there are issues cutting out soda, potato chips, ice cream, cookies, cakes, and any other type of junk food you may consume on a regular basis.

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Making Time To Exercise

One of the main reasons why people say they are unable to exercise on a regular basis is because there is no time. Have you heard this excuse before or maybe even found yourself using these very words in the past? Instead of giving up and just saying you have no time to exercise, let’s […]


Welcome To A New Healthy Year

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