Healthy Meal of the Week 5 With Healthy Leftover Idea

healthy meal of the week 5
Healthy Meal: Fish, Brown Rice, and Peas
Healthy Leftover Idea: Fish Lettuce Wrapped Tacos

Here’s a fabulous dinner idea which will provide you with a meal under 300 calories per portion. It can be argued that the leftover idea is even healthier and tastes better than the main course but that determination can be left entirely up to you.

Fish is a healthy alternative to red meat, much leaner with less fat. Brown rice made from whole grain is also a healthy alternative to traditional white rice. It’s these subtle choices which will help you lose more weight in a faster manner. It just takes a willingness to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

And before you avoid the healthy leftover idea because it has the words “lettuce wrap” in it, take a look at that scrumptious looking picture below and you may find your mouth starting to water promoting your to give them a try.

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5 Dos and Don’ts of Weight Loss

5 dos and don'ts of weight lossHere are 5 DOs and DON’Ts of weight loss that everyone should be focused on if losing weight and getting into better shape are top priorities. You will find the most difficult part of all this is consistency, but the more often you stick with the process, the more rapidly you’ll develop healthier living habits to guide you through each day. Here are the 5 DOs of weight loss:

DO Drink Lots of Water
This is one of the healthiest habits you can start doing on a daily basis. Replace that soda, energy drink, or Gatorade with 0 calorie water. Not only does water add absolutely nothing to your daily calorie total, but it aides with digestion and helps flush out impurities from the body. Try to drink water with every meal/snack and strive for 6-8 glasses a day.

DO Eat Appropriate Portion Sizes
This is often the most overlooked aspect of the weight loss process. Eating an appropriate portion size will help ensure you are not taking in more food than your body needs. If you are eating to the point of being stuffed, you ate far too much. Serve an appropriate portion size on your plate and eat slow to give your body time to register the amount entering. Combine your appropriate portion size with a large glass of water and you will find yourself eating much less than you used to.

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The Weight Loss Journey May Have Many Curves

weight loss journeyIf you have embarked on a journey to lose weight, get fit, and live a more healthy life, you may have found the trek to be a tad more difficult than originally expected. Heck, losing weight and quitting smoking are two of the most challenging self-improvement goals that are often not achieved the majority of time especially on the first attempt. It’s easy to see why this is the case especially when you truly realize what it actually takes to be successful with weight loss.

Losing weight in a natural manner is a culmination of a number of key specific occurences that happen on a repeated basis for a prolonged period of time. Granted the time it takes to reach your goal is entirely dependent on how much weight you are attempting to lose and also how dedicated you are to the process. Nevertheless, most people expect quick rapid results but this is hardly the case in this situation.

What does this process actually entail?

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Healthy Meal of the Week 4 With Healthy Leftover Idea

healthy meal of the week 4Healthy Meal: Turkey Meatloaf, Mixed Vegetables, and Mashed Potatoes
Healthy Leftover Idea: Turkey Meatloaf Wrap

Here’s a great way to include a classic dinner meal that tastes great and will be under 400 calories per serving when appropriate portions are served. The only main difference between this version and traditional meatloaf is the fact that you’re substituting lean ground turkey instead of the usual ground meat.

Surprisingly, once seasoned and cooked, turkey meatloaf tastes just like regular meatloaf yet with half the fat. Try it out and keep it a secret from your family to see if they’re even able to tell the difference. To top it off, leftovers can be made into yummy turkey meatloaf wraps which make handy travel lunches to go.

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