How Healthy Was Your Day?

how healthy was your dayWhen you truly want to improve your health and fitness, it’s important to realize that your success will depend on how you live each day.

Weight loss success can be determined on how well you maintain healthy nutrition along with your exercise commitment throughout any 24 hour period. The decisions you make in regards to these two topics will determine how quickly you are able to shed the excess weight from your body and get into better shape. This is why it’s crucial you consistently ask yourself how healthy was your day.

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Developing A Workout Routine

developing a workout routineIf you are focusing on improving your health by losing weight and getting fit, one healthy habit you should not overlook (aside from improving your nutrition) is developing a workout routine.

Naturally this can be a bit awkward especially when starting out for the first couple months. It takes a considerable amount of effort to remove yourself from the couch or bed and get that body moving again. For many, it will be a slow process as your legs, arms, and body get used to exercising.

However once you make it past that initial stage and are able to exercise for 30 minutes to an hour, you’ve crossed the first and most difficult hurdle. Now the fun can really begin!

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There’s Some Road Work Ahead

road work aheadThe dreaded road work ahead sign you once in a while when driving on the streets or freeway. The familiar orange-colored diamond-shaped warning advising you of the fact that there is some type of construction up ahead.

Granted this is a necessity to ensure we are able to drive on safe paths, nevertheless this likely means there’ll be a slow down in traffic, a loss of one or more lanes, and a slight delay in reaching your destination. Naturally we all prefer to have a smooth sailing trip without any inconvenience or traffic whatsoever, however that is not always the case.

This is precisely how the weight loss process should be viewed as road work ahead, however in this case the road being improved is your body.

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Healthy Meal of the Week 25 With Healthy Leftover Idea

healthy meal of the week 25Healthy Meal of the Week: Teriyaki Chicken w/ Brown Rice & Peas
Healthy Leftover Idea: Teriyaki Chicken Melts

Here’s a great tasting baked teriyaki chicken meal that’s easy to whip together and your family should really love. Plus if you have any leftover chicken, you’ll have the opportunity to make some delicious teriyaki chicken melts for meals to go. Depending on your preference you can opt to grill the chicken instead of baking in the oven like as was done in this example, but that choice is entirely up to you.

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5 Healthy Eating Tips to Help You Lose Weight

5 healthy eating tipsAs you may be aware, to lose weight in a healthy manner you need to control your daily nutrition. As simple as that may sound, grasping a healthy hold of everything you eat and drink is what really causes the most trouble for those looking to shed excess weight.

This makes complete sense especially if we’ve become accustomed to eating in an unhealthy manner, dining out at restaurants or fast food places far too often, not preparing food at home, and letting portion sizes to the extreme.

Therefore if you know you’ve been having some issues improving your nutrition, here are 5 healthy eating tips to help turn this entire endeavour around and get you moving in a more positive direction.

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Healthy Question of the Week 3

question of the week 3

- Healthy Question of the Week -

Hello HealthyChoices,

I am going to attempt to lose weight. I know that in addition to improving my food choices I need to exercise. What workouts do you recommend for a 27 year old obese male who hasn’t worked out in a long time? Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch and keep up the inspirational work.



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Make A Daily To-Do List

A great habit to help keep you focused on your weight loss goal is to make a daily to-do list for yourself. As simple as this sounds, don’t dismiss how beneficial it can be especially if you are embarking on a mission to lose weight and get into better shape. Successfully changing your daily living […]


Get Going With Easy Crock Pot Recipes

Are you in desperate need to improve your nutrition? Here’s a great way to get started with easy crock pot recipes. One of the most overlooked advantages of regularly using this handy kitchen aide is the fact that once your items are placed inside and its turned on, the rest of the work is taken […]